Zombie Army 4: Dead War Now Free to Play on Google Stadia


Google Stadia is claimed to be the future of gaming consoles. The technology is quite advanced, and as of now, it is still in a developing stage. Due to its potential, many developers are adding their games on this platform like PUBG, Destiny 2, and more. Now, you can also claim Zombie Army 4: Dead War for free.

Zombie Army 4 google stadia

Google Stadia is a subscription-based service – starting at $10 per month. You have to purchase the Pro package to be able to play games. It requires the Stadia controller, advanced Chromecast Ultra, and a steady internet connection to access the service. By setting all these up, you can play games on any screen regardless of the specifications of the device.

Apart from the monthly subscription, you also need to pay for the various titles you want. This is similar to any other gaming console. You buy the console first, then purchase the games you want. But, Stadia Pro subscription offers some freebies time and again. You can claim some games for free as a limited time offer.

You can now claim and play Zombie Army 4: Dead War on Google Stadia for free. This third-person shooter was initially released on 4th February 2020 for Playstation 4, Xbox One, and Windows. Recently, it was added to Stadia on 1st May, and soon after its launch on Stadia, you get to claim it for free.

It must be noted that Google Stadia is currently available in select nations only, so only their citizens can get this offer. Further, you need to have a Stadia Pro subscription to claim Zombie Army 4 complimentary.

Despite some negative feedback on the service, Google is working on making Stadia better. There are complaints of lagging. But, with such deals and future updates, Google plans to make things much promising for Stadia. For more news and updates, stay tuned to www.phoneswiki.com.


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