Top Tiktok slang meaning every Gen Z TikTok user must know in 2024!


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TikTok has popularized many slang terms and phrases, some of which may vary in meaning depending on the context in which they are used. TikTok slang is often used on other social media platforms like Snapchat and Instagram to add emphasis. Check out some top and most frequently used TikTok slang meaning

What are the top Tiktok slang meaning?

  1. 1437 – I love you forever
  2. “Simp” – A person (usually a man) who is overly devoted to or supportive of someone else (usually a woman), often to the point of being seen as weak or foolish.
  3. “Chill” – To relax or take it easy.
  4. “Yeet” – A word used to express excitement or enthusiasm, often when throwing or discarding something.
  5. “FYP” – An acronym for “For You Page,” which is the main page of TikTok where users discover new content.
  6. “Ratio” – A term used to describe when someone’s comments or replies on a post far outnumber the likes or retweets it receives, implying that the post is not well-received.
  7. “Ghosting” – When someone abruptly stops responding to messages or calls, often without explanation.
  8. “Clout” – Social influence or power gained through fame or popularity.
  9. “Bussin” – A word used to describe something that is very enjoyable or delicious.
  10. “WAP” – An acronym for “Wet Ass Pussy,” which is also the title of a popular song by Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion.
  11. “Sksksk” – An onomatopoeic phrase used to convey laughter or excitement.
  12. “Cheugy” – Refers to something or someone that is outdated or uncool.
  13. “No cap” – means “no lie” or “not exaggerating”.
  14. RMP – Rate My Professor or ‘remind me please’ or ‘read my profile,’
  15. NP – No Problem
  16. Moots – Follow Back
  17. “Periodt” – used to emphasize a point or express agreement with something.
  18. “Sheesh” – an exclamation of excitement or surprise.
  19. “Sus” – short for “suspicious”, used to indicate that something or someone is sketchy or questionable.
  20. “Bet” – used to indicate agreement or confirmation.
  21. “Cap” – used to indicate that someone is lying or exaggerating.
  22. “Glow up” – refers to a transformation, often physical, where someone becomes more attractive or successful.
  23. “Flex” – showing off or bragging about one’s achievements or possessions.
  24. W – ‘win’ or ‘winner’
  25. L – ‘lose’ or ‘loser’
  26. “Lit”: Describing something that is particularly exciting or enjoyable, Cool/Awesome
  27. “Fire (🔥)”: Used to describe something that is particularly impressive or noteworthy.
  28. “Turnt”: Refers to a situation or experience that is particularly fun or exciting.
  29. “Savage”: Used to describe someone who is particularly tough or daring, or to describe behavior that is particularly bold or daring.
  30. “Extra”: Refers to someone or something that is particularly over-the-top or dramatic.
  31. “Clout”: Refers to someone’s level of influence or popularity on social media.
  32. “Woke”: Refers to someone who is particularly aware of social and political issues, or to describe behavior or actions that are particularly socially conscious or progressive.
  33. “WTM” – “What’s the move” or “Want to meet”
  34. “WTW” – “What’s the word”
  35. “WSP” – “What’s up” 
  36. “WTPI” – “Where the party is”
  37. WYLL – What You Look Like
  38. SA – Sexual assault
  39. DTB – Don’t Trust Bitches
  40. PFP – Profile Picture
  41. Girly Pop – Queer
  42. “That” Girl –  Organized and successful
  43. Adulting”: A term used to describe the process of acting like a responsible adult, including managing finances, maintaining a clean living space, and taking care of responsibilities.
  44. “Boss Babe/Boss Man”: Refers to someone who is successful in their career or personal life, and has a confident and assertive personality.
  45. “Goal Digger”: A term used to describe someone who is driven and focused on achieving their goals, whether personal or professional.
  46. “Girl Boss”: Similar to “Boss Babe”, this term is used to describe a confident, successful woman who is in charge of her life and career.
  47. “Hustler”: Refers to someone who is hardworking and determined to succeed, often working multiple jobs or side hustles to achieve their goals.
  48. “Slay Queen/King”: A term used to describe someone successful and confident in all aspects of their life, whether it’s their career, personal relationships, or overall appearance.
  49. Ion – “I don’t”/‘In Other News’
  50. IB – Inspired By
  51. Dead (or 💀 ) – Died laughing
  52. AMOSS – Add Me On Snapchat
  53. CEO: A term used to indicate that someone is the ultimate authority or expert in a particular area.
  54. Accountant: A term used to describe someone who is good with money or has financial skills.
  55. ASL: An abbreviation for American Sign Language’/”Age, Sex, Location” that is often used in chats or comments to ask for someone’s personal information.
  56. Oomf: One of my followers
  57. Bussin: A slang term used to describe something really good or enjoyable.
  58. Clout: Refers to popularity or influence, especially in the online world.
  59. Cringe: A term used to describe something awkward or embarrassing.
  60. BFFR – Be F*cking For Real
  61. JP – just playing
  62. YS – you sure
  63. OFC – of course
  64. ALR – alright
  65. WYD – what you doing
  66. OTP – on the phone
  67. GN – good night
  68. GNG – gang
  69. IDC – I don’t care
  70. JK – just kidding
  71. NVR – never
  72. WTV – whatever
  73. HML – hit my line
  74. IRL – in real life
  75. TTM – talk to me
  76. WDYM – what do you mean
  77. BTW – by the way
  78. TY – thank you
  79. LOML – love of my life
  80. AC – actually
  81. ATP – at this point
  82. ATM – at the moment
  83. WYS – what you saying
  84. NGL – not gonna lie
  85. WBU – what bout you
  86. NM – nothing much
  87. FOMO: An acronym for “Fear Of Missing Out,” which is the feeling of anxiety or stress caused by the belief that others are having more fun or experiencing more interesting things than you are.
  88. Hype House: Refers to a mansion in Los Angeles where a group of popular TikTok creators live and create content.
  89. Karen: A term used to describe a middle-aged woman who is perceived as entitled, demanding, or difficult to deal with.
  90. Poggers: A term used to express excitement or amazement.
  91. GRWM – Get Ready With Me
  92. NPC – Non-Playable Character
  93. ONG – On God
  94. G.O.A.T/GOAT – Greatest of all time
  95. Pushin: Keep it real
  96. Slay: A term used to describe someone who looks or performs exceptionally well.
  97. SMH – shaking my head
  98. BDE – Big Dick Energy
  99. Tea: Gossip or juicy information about someone or something.
  100. POV: Point Of View
  101. Hot Girl Summer – Feeling best
  102. BBL – Brazilian Butt Lift
  103. Unspoken rizz – Attract people without speaking to them
  104. ISTG – I swear to God
  105. Yt – White
  106. Mid – Mediocre
  107. Karen – An entitled woman who gives pesky orders
  108. Unalive – Dead or no longer alive
  109. “Six feet under”: Refers to someone who is buried in the ground after death.
  110. “Deceased”: A more formal or respectful way of referring to someone who has passed away.
  111. “Pushing daisies”: A lighthearted way of referring to someone who has died and been buried in the ground.
  112. “Kicked the bucket”: A euphemistic way of referring to someone who has died, often used humorously.
  113. “Passed on”: A more gentle or sensitive way of referring to someone who has died.
  114. “Resting in peace”: Refers to someone who has died and is at peace.
  115. Vibe Check – What’s going on?
  116. “Mood check”: Refers to a check on someone’s mood or emotional state.
  117. “Energy check”: Refers to a check on the overall energy or vibe of a situation.
  118. “Feeling check”: Refers to a check on how someone is feeling at a particular moment.
  119. “Aura check”: Refers to a check on someone’s aura or the overall feeling they are projecting.
  120. “Temperature check”: Refers to a check on the overall temperature or feeling of a group or situation.
  121. Alt TikTok – Alternative, unconventional, and countercultural content
  122. “Softie”: Refers to someone sensitive or emotional.
  123. “Goblincore”: A fashion and lifestyle trend that celebrates all things goblin-like and spooky.
  124. “Cottagecore”: A fashion and lifestyle trend that celebrates a rustic, idyllic, and nature-focused aesthetic.
  125. “E-boy/E-girl”: Refers to a fashion and aesthetic trend that involves dark clothing, heavy makeup, and an emo or goth-like style.
  126. “Simp”: Refers to someone who is overly eager to please or impress another person, often used in a playful or teasing manner.
  127. “VSCO girl”: Refers to a fashion and aesthetic trend that involves scrunchies, oversized t-shirts, and a love of nature and environmentalism.
  128. “Witchcore”: A fashion and lifestyle trend that celebrates witchcraft, magic, and the occult.
  129. Caught In 4k – Caught red-handed, usually with video evidence
  130. 👏…👏…👏  – Clapping hands emoji, also known as the “applause” emoji
  131. HMS – Hanging myself/ Hate myself/ His/Her Majesty’s Ship/ Harvard Medical School

Top Tiktok Slang Tone Indicators

  1. /SRS: serious
  2. /s — sarcasm
  3. /pos — positive
  4. /neg — negative
  5. /g — genuine
  6. /j — joke
  7. /lh — lighthearted
  8. /nm — not mad
  9. /hj – half joking

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These are just a few examples of the many slang used on TikTok. The community is constantly creating new TikTok slang meanings and trends, so it’s always evolving.

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