How to fix frequent stutter/lag in Xperia phones after Android 14 update?


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Many Xperia users are experiencing stutter and lag after updating their Xperia phones to Android 14. Xperia owners are not the only ones complaining about the issue. Apart from performance issues, users are also complaining about battery drain and Xperia game enhancer crashes to name a few. However, stuttering, sluggishness, and slow operation can be frustrating, especially on devices that are essential for daily tasks.

Though there is no permanent fix to the performance issue rolled out by Sony or Google, there is a tested workaround by a Reddit user.

The Reddit user’s solution involves stopping the Xperia STAMINA service through the Developer options on the device. He followed the steps to disable the STAMINA service

Settings – > Enable developer options – > Running Services- > Xperia stamina service – > Stop

By doing this, the device stops using the STAMINA mode’s power-saving functions entirely. This can potentially improve performance, especially if the STAMINA mode is causing issues like stuttering or sluggishness, which some users have reported after updating their Xperia devices to Android 14.

The Xperia STAMINA service is a feature on Sony Xperia smartphones that helps extend battery life by managing power usage. When enabled, STAMINA mode restricts background activities and optimizes power consumption to reduce battery drain when the device is not in use. This can help the device last longer on a single charge.

It’s important to note that disabling the STAMINA service may impact battery life, as the device will no longer benefit from the power-saving features of the STAMINA mode. However, some users have reported that their battery life did not significantly deteriorate after making this change. As always, it’s a good idea to back up important data before making any changes to your device’s settings.

What is STAMINA mode?

Stamina mode on Xperia devices is indeed a power-saving feature designed to extend battery life. When activated, Stamina mode restricts background activities and optimizes power consumption, which can help the device last longer on a single charge.

Turning off Stamina mode in the settings should disable its power-saving features. However, there may be cases where Stamina mode continues to operate due to certain conditions, such as low battery levels.

Stopping the Xperia STAMINA service through the Developer options, as suggested by the Reddit user, can forcibly disable Stamina mode and its associated power-saving functions. This step essentially prevents Stamina mode from being triggered automatically and may help improve performance on devices experiencing issues after the Android 14 update.

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