Mysterious Google Pixel Watch and 4K Chromecast surface online! Is it Pixel Watch 3?


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Google is gearing up for the release of an array of new hardware products, including a smartwatch Pixel Watch 3, and a new generation Chromecast device with Google TV 4K support. Recently, a smartwatch powered by Wear OS, Google’s operating system for wearable devices, was spotted in listings by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC, the US telecommunications body). Unfortunately, the Wear OS-powered Google smartwatch is speculated not to be the highly anticipated Pixel Watch 3.

The mysterious Wear OS-powered Google smartwatch on FCC listing with model number G4SKY has sparked speculation about its identity, particularly as it relates to the anticipated Pixel Watch 3. Despite expectations for the Pixel Watch 3 to debut alongside the Pixel 9 lineup in the Fall of 2024, the instructions provided in the FCC listing align more closely with accessing regulatory information on a Pixel Watch rather than on a phone or tablet.

This discrepancy suggests that the G4SKY device may indeed be a smartwatch, but not necessarily the Pixel Watch 3. Instead, it could potentially belong to a different smartwatch series, such as a Google Pixel Watch 2a, suggesting a new line of products. The absence of UWB connectivity further supports this notion.

The G4SKY smartwatch’s singular variation, equipped with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and LTE connectivity, adds another intriguing detail to its identity. It suggests that either Google or Fitbit may be developing an alternative to the Pixel Watch, possibly under the Pixel brand.

Next Gen Chromecast with Google TV 4K

Rumors have been doing rounds about the next generation of Chromecast with Google TV 4K, set to replace the 2020 model. According to the latest speculations, Google plans to introduce a new remote control with this device, though details about its features remain elusive.

In terms of hardware upgrades, it’s rumored that Google may opt for an Amlogic S905X5 processor, a significant leap from the previous generation. This newer chip, built on 6 nm technology and equipped with AV1 support, promises potential improvements in performance and efficiency compared to the 12 nm CPU found in the 2020 model.

As anticipation builds, users eagerly await official confirmation and more information from Google regarding this anticipated upgrade to the Chromecast with Google TV lineup.

With Google I/O 2024 just around the corner happening on Tuesday 14 May, scheduled to debut the Pixel 8a, there’s a possibility that we’ll receive more information about the Google smartwatch and new Chromecast at the event.

With the new sightings, there is a strong sentiment that they might launch alongside the Google Pixel 8a. This development adds intrigue to Google’s hardware lineup, promising a diverse range of options for consumers in the wearable tech market. However, official announcements are awaited to confirm the details and features of this upcoming smartwatch and the Chromecast.

Pixel Watch 3 rumors

Previous reports have suggested that Google is working on the Pixel Watch 3 and planning to offer it in two different sizes. Additionally, there have been hints that the Pixel Watch 3 will feature Ultra-Wideband (UWB) connectivity instead of Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) for certain functions, such as Watch Unlock. UWB technology offers more precise location tracking and faster data transfer compared to Bluetooth LE.

Overall, this indicates that Google is striving to incorporate advanced features and technologies into its smartwatch lineup, aiming to enhance user experiences. Despite the uncertainty surrounding which specific device has appeared in the FCC listings, it’s clear that Google is actively working on expanding its hardware offerings with innovative features.

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