Do you know what a TikTok Universe gift is and how much it is worth?


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TikTok’s livestream gift feature is a popular means for viewers to financially support their preferred content creators, functioning as a donation service within the platform. The TikTok Universe gift stands out among the numerous virtual gifts, recognized for its appeal among users. This feature, facilitating the conversion of virtual gifts into actual cash, serves as a noteworthy avenue for individuals aiming to monetize their social media presence.

The “TikTok Gifts” feature is widely acknowledged as a pivotal avenue for users to earn income on the platform. It entails sending virtual gifts during livestreams, which can later be converted into actual cash. These gifts manifest in various forms, each assigned a specific value in terms of TikTok coins.

Among these virtual gifts, the TikTok Universe gift possesses a unique allure. However, determining the exact value of the TikTok Universe gift in TikTok coins may vary. Users express their support by sending real money to content creators through these virtual gifts, establishing an interactive and distinctive method for the TikTok community to engage and demonstrate appreciation. If you are contemplating the prospect of income generation through TikTok, exploring the virtual gifts feature offers a lucrative opportunity.

How much does a TikTok Universe gift cost?

What exactly is a TikTok gift? TikTok diverges from conventional social media platforms by offering users an alternative to express appreciation. Instead of traditional “likes” and “comments,” users can send virtual presents, allowing them to make their favorite creators feel especially valued.

Every TikTok user has the option to purchase in-app virtual gifts as tokens of affection, admiration, and encouragement for their beloved TikTok stars. The value of these gifts extends beyond symbolism, as a TikTok user’s gifts are converted into diamonds, redeemable for real money through services like Paytm.

Now, what sets the TikTok Universe gift apart and makes it stand out? When a user sends the Universe gift during a TikTok live stream, a visually captivating display unfolds on the screen. The higher cost of this gift adds to its significance, symbolizing a heightened level of admiration for the creator within the TikTok community.

On TikTok, the Universe gift is priced at 44,999 coins, approximately equivalent to $562 US dollars.

While many gifts on the platform are relatively affordable, the TikTok Universe gift distinguishes itself as the most expensive, providing supporters with a powerful means to make a substantial contribution to their favorite TikTokers.

To send a gift, be it the Universe or a smaller item like a rose, users must first purchase TikTok coins using real money.

This involves navigating to the profile, clicking on the three lines, accessing ‘Settings and Privacy> Balance> ‘Recharge’ next to the balance.

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What are the most expensive TikTok gifts?

TikTok ensures users have a diverse selection of gift options, boasting over 100 choices on the platform. This extensive variety covers a wide range of pricing points, enhancing the flexibility and accessibility of the gift-giving process.

Now, let’s explore the costliest gifts available on the platform:

  1. TikTok Universe — 34,999 coins
  2. Lion — 29,999 coins
  3. Rocket — 20,000 coins
  4. Planet — 15,000 coins
  5. Interstellar — 10,000 coins

The more you’re willing to invest in these gifts, the greater the potential for creators to convert them into real money. The process follows a straightforward framework:

Step 1 — You send them the gift

Step 2 — TikTok gift points are converted into TikTok diamonds and stored in their wallet.

Step 3 — Creators can exchange these gems for hard currency using services like Paytm or others.

Each TikTok diamond costs 5 cents, or $0.05. For example, a collection of 1000 diamonds is equivalent to $50. However, it’s essential to note that TikTok deducts a 50% commission from these earnings. Consequently, a TikTok influencer may potentially earn $25 for every 1000 diamonds, accounting for TikTok’s $25 commission deduction.

In the ever-evolving realm of social media, TikTok has risen as a leading platform, captivating millions globally with its distinctive features. The app provides diverse opportunities for user engagement, with the virtual gifts feature playing a significant role.

For those looking to capitalize on their social media endeavors, TikTok presents a myriad of opportunities, with the virtual gifts feature being particularly prominent. Beyond enjoying entertaining dances and trending content, users actively contribute to their favorite creators during live broadcasts by sending virtual gifts.

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