Fallout 4: next gen update is disappointing! Here’s how to rollback who want to play modded game


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Fallout 4: next gen update didn’t go smoothly for PC players as much as for console players! The Fallout 4 update, long-awaited for its promised next-gen improvements, finally arrived a few hours ago after a wait of almost 2 years since its initial announcement. However, PC players didn’t benefit much from it. Despite the expected issues with mod compatibility (which led to the Fallout London project delaying its release), the 14.4 GB patch update on PC hasn’t been well-received.

The Fallout 4 update was aimed at current-gen consoles but it doesn’t appear to offer significant technical improvements in terms of resolution, frame rate, or overall graphic quality. This lack of substantial enhancements may contribute to the disappointment among players, especially considering the long wait for the update.

The Fallout 4 update has reportedly caused problems for players who used mods, including issues with save games. People Many mods that are not part of the Creation Club are not functioning properly with the update, despite their popularity within the community. While the update performs better on consoles, there are still reported issues on that platform as well.

What are Fallout 4: next gen update issues?

The Fallout 4 update has fixed many earlier glitches including the Automation crash but it has introduced several issues and it is suggested that one should wait before upgrading to the new update.

Mod Compatibility

Players are experiencing problems loading modded saves and using mods outside of the official Creation Club, including the essential Fallout 4 Script Extender.

Last week, Nexus Mods community manager Pickysaurus speculated about how the “next-generation” update for Fallout 4 might affect mods. The update could potentially disrupt existing mods due to changes in the game’s code or mechanics, requiring mod creators to update their mods to ensure compatibility. This situation is common when games receive major updates, as changes to the base game can render existing mods incompatible or cause unexpected issues.

Fallout 4: next gen update is disappointing! Here's how to rollback who want to play modded game

It will be a good idea to wait before installing updates, especially if you have a few favorite mods. Checking with mod creators or the modding community to ensure compatibility can help avoid heartbreaks.

Graphical Improvements:

Despite being marketed as a “next-gen” patch, the update does not deliver any noticeable graphical enhancements.

Ultrawide Support:

Fallout 4: next gen update is disappointing! Here's how to rollback who want to play modded game

The update’s new ultrawide monitor support stretches the user interface poorly. Users must resort to a user-created patch, similar to pre-update solutions for ultrawide displays.

Frame Rate Cap:

The game engine, even after the update, still limits frame rates to 60fps, potentially hindering performance on high-refresh-rate monitors.

Persistent Crashing:

The “Weapon Debris” graphics setting continues to cause crashes on NVIDIA RTX graphics cards, a problem that has persisted since the introduction of RTX cards.

These issues collectively diminish the update’s impact and usability, particularly for players reliant on mods or those seeking improved graphics and performance.

Upon reviewing the patch notes, it seems that the minor bug fixes and additional Creation Club content do not seem significant enough to warrant the level of disruption caused by this update. This indicates that the Fallout 4 Next Gen update may have caused more issues than it resolved, particularly in terms of mod compatibility and gameplay experience.

How to rollback your Fallout 4 update?

Many of us would have forgotten to disable automatic updates for Fallout 4 and it disrupted your modded game, there’s a solution to rollback to your Fallout 4 post update:

  1. Steam players can open the console by entering steam://open/console into your web browser.
  2. Use the console to download each part of the previous Fallout 4 version (excluding the “—–” separator) with these commands:
    • download_depot 377160 377161 7497069378349273908 —– Fallout Content a
    • download_depot 377160 377163 5819088023757897745 —– Fallout Content b
    • download_depot 377160 377162 5847529232406005096 —– Fallout .exe
    • download_depot 377160 377164 2178106366609958945 —– Fallout in English
  3. For each DLC you own, use these commands:
    • Automatron:
      • download_depot 377160 435870 1691678129192680960 —– Automatron
      • download_depot 377160 435871 5106118861901111234 —– Automatron English
    • Wasteland Workshop:
      • download_depot 377160 435880 1255562923187931216 —– Wasteland Workshop
    • Far Harbor:
      • download_depot 377160 435881 1207717296920736193 —– Far Harbor
      • download_depot 377160 435882 8482181819175811242 —– Far Harbor English
    • Contraptions Workshop:
      • download_depot 377160 480630 5527412439359349504 —– Contraptions Workshop
    • Vault-Tec Workshop:
      • download_depot 377160 480631 6588493486198824788 —– Vault-Tec Workshop
      • download_depot 377160 393885 5000262035721758737 —– Vault-Tec Workshop English
    • Nuka World:
      • download_depot 377160 490650 4873048792354485093 —– Nuka World
      • download_depot 377160 393895 7677765994120765493 —– Nuka World English
  4. The downloads will be saved to “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\content\app_377160” folder in separate depot folders (e.g., Fallout.exe would be in a folder called “depot_377162”).
  5. Create a new folder on your desktop (e.g., “Fallout Backup”) and copy the contents of each depot folder into this new folder, replacing files as necessary.
  6. Instead of deleting everything in your current Fallout 4 installation folder, simply copy and replace everything with the contents of your new folder. Install the latest version, run the game through the F4SE launcher, and you should be good to go.
  7. Some users have retained their mods using this method by only deleting files in their Fallout installation that were recently updated.
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If you are getting an error – Depot download failed: error writing chunk, it is advised to empty root storage space. You can do either by clearing a few GBs or adding storage instead.

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