WhatsApp Business features QR Codes & Catalog

WhatsApp Business adds QR codes and catalog sharing features

You will soon be able to scan a QR code to contact a business on WhatsApp and start a chat. Facebook announced a few enhancements related to the daily requirements of small businesses. This includes updates related to QR codes and Catalog sharing via a link. As per Facebook, these much-needed features will enable to “get in touch with businesses to ask questions, get information or find something they might like to buy”

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How to use QR codes?

Before this feature was brought into Whatsapp Business, chatting with a prospect or a business was tedious. To initiate a conversation one had to add the Whatsapp number manually. This has been made simpler by the implementation of QR codes. Now one needs to scan the company QR code and get started. We see these QR codes in stores, product packaging, or purchase tickets.

A pre-defined response can be configured in the business account through the messaging tool. It depends on the nature of business and general queries. Some examples of automated response include a touch upon inventory, contact details, working hours.

The beta version of the QR codes feature was released last week. But now it has been rolled out globally. Facebook while explaining the concept behind implementation said “Scanning a QR code will open a chat with an optional pre-populated message created by the business to start the conversation. With the app’s messaging tools, businesses can quickly send information such as their catalog to get the conversation going”

How to share a catalog on Whatsapp Business?

It has become easier now to share business catalogs and individual items as links on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and elsewhere. With this ease of doing business has taken the front seat for companies using Whatsapp for business.

The company claims that every month more than 40 million people share and discuss catalogs over WhatsApp.

“If people want to share a catalog or item they find with friends or family, they can simply copy the link and send it on WhatsApp or other places as well”, the company said.

WhatsApp Business boasts of more than 50 million users globally, a digital tool for SMEs to stay connected. The Business app is free to download on Android and iOS platforms. It is designed specifically for SMEs to highlight business-specific information like company profile, quick and automatic responses.


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