PS5 Pro leaks: Video with features removed by Sony! Does the removal smack confirmation?


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The leaks about the upcoming Sony product PS5 Pro have naturally sparked significant interest and speculation among fans and the media. In this case, a video containing leaked details about the PS5 Pro was shared by a YouTuber named Moore’s Law is Dead. The original video had a plethora of information regarding the features of the PS5 Pro.

Due to a “copyright strike” slapped by Sony on the YouTuber, the video had to be taken down. Sony formally requested YouTube to remove the video since it violated their intellectual property rights. It was highlighted by Tom Warren of The Verge. The archived video can be accessed from here.

PS5 Pro leaks: Features

The specifications for the codenamed Trinity, PS5 Pro in the “copyright strike” leaked video suggest notable upgrades over the base PS5 model. A summary of the enhancements

30 teraflop GPU with enhanced raster performance: This will significantly improve graphics rendering, leading to more detailed visuals and smoother performance, especially in games utilizing ray tracing technology.

16GB of faster GDDR6 RAM: With increased memory bandwidth, the PS5 Pro could handle data more efficiently, resulting in smoother gameplay and faster loading times, particularly in demanding games or multitasking scenarios.

Dedicated machine learning acceleration for AI-based upscaling (PSSR): This feature could significantly enhance visual quality through advanced upscaling techniques like DLSS, delivering sharper images and better performance in games. Additionally, it could enable more sophisticated AI behaviors and interactions.

CPU enhancements: While the CPU remains largely similar to the base PS5, a slight performance boost could lead to smoother gameplay and quicker processing, enriching overall gaming experiences.

More powerful audio processor: This could provide a more immersive sound experience in games, offering improved spatial audio and higher-quality audio effects.

Reportedly, Sony is urging developers to ready their games for the PS5 Pro, with a special focus on maximizing the console’s improved ray tracing capabilities, as per a GSMArena report.

    While the PS5 Pro may not offer as significant a raw power boost as previous mid-generation console upgrades, such as the PS4 Pro or Xbox One X, the combination of enhanced graphical performance, advanced upscaling techniques, and other improvements could still result in a notable overall enhancement in gaming experiences. This could help Sony bridge the performance gap between the base PS5 and high-end gaming PCs, delivering a more competitive gaming experience for console players in terms of graphics and performance.

    The fact that Sony took steps to remove the video has led to a growing belief that the video contained some genuine information. Sony may have sought to remove the video because the leaked details were indeed accurate or due to legal bindings.

    The most common reason could be that Sony likely wanted to maintain secrecy around its upcoming product until the official announcement. Even if the leaked information wasn’t entirely accurate, Sony might have wanted to remove the video to prevent confusion or misinformation among consumers.

    Another reason could be protecting its intellectual property rights and controlling the narrative around its products could also have been factors. Also, Sony has the legal obligation to protect its intellectual property. Failing to take action against unauthorized leaks could weaken the ability to enforce its rights in the future.

      When a company like Sony takes action to remove leaked content, it often strengthens the belief that there’s some truth to the information being circulated. However, it’s important to understand that companies may have other motivations for such actions beyond simply confirming the accuracy of leaks. Therefore, while the removal of the video may lend credibility to the rumors, it’s not definitive proof of the existence of the PS5 Pro until Sony officially confirms or denies it.

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