UC Browser offers 20 GB free Cloud Storage

UC Browser is a lightweight web browser aimed at the mobile platform. This third party browser has over a billion downloads to date. Now, to get even more popular, UC has launched a new service for its users.

Now, the users can also avail of the facility of in-app cloud storage from UC Browser. This in-app cloud storage will be called UC drive and will seamlessly connect with the browsing scenarios in the app. As a result, you can store various videos, songs, and photos on the drive and access them on any device running the UC Browser. This feature is not only limited to accessing, but it includes downloading as well.

UC Drive will be available for free to all its users, and it will provide 20 GB of free storage space. UC Drive will be available throughout the world. But, its most significant customer base is in India, which accounts for 50% of UC browser downloads.

Vice President of UC, Huaiyuan Yang, says that in a market like India where most of the digital activities are done on mobile, whether it is sharing files or watching a video, UC Drive will be beneficial.

Cloud-based storage has become increasingly crucial in our lives. Many storage providers such as Apple (iCloud), Xiaomi (MiCloud) provide limited free storage around 5 GB. After which a customer needs to pay a fee for additional space. In this scenario, UC Drive, with its 20 GB free cloud storage, would be hugely successful. This advantage might even force other cloud storage providers to rethink their offers. Thus, benefitting the users in the long run.

Written by Parth Singh

I have completed my B.Tech in Computer Science. I have a keen interest in the field of technology and writing is one of my hobbies. Here I am combining my hobby with my interest by writing on topics related to technology.


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