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Things You Should Know About NTFS

NTFS, a New Technology file system, is a type of file system that helps people to store and manage data on the hard drive. It helps in storing, organizing, and searching your data. Microsoft NTFS is the basic and default file system of the Windows operating system. However, it comes with its drawbacks as well, for example, how to read write to NTFS drives on Mac has always been a headache for Mac users, no worries, this post will introduce what is NTFS, its advantages and the best NTFS driver for Mac.

Standing features of NTFS

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Excellent Performance:

File compression is an important feature of NTFS hence it increases disk space so performance is enhanced. Access control: NTFS provides a facility on files and folders that we assign privileges to files and folders according to their needs.


NTFS can handle disasters and uncertain conditions like loss of power and or a system failure. It provides recovery of data in case of loss.

Efficient space utilization:

With the help of file compression, it also provides disk quotas. This can help us to maintain more space on the disk.

Log keeping: 

It can also focus on maintaining the log of all files like last modified, deleted, or added on a file.

No restriction on copy:

There is no restriction on a copy of a file if we copy a file from an NTFS format to our internal drive of mac. There will be no restriction on what sort of operation we can perform on a file.

The operation performed by NTFS: 

There is five permission that New Technology File System allows us to perform on a file which is given as below.

Read operation: 

It allows its user to read the content of the file, ownership of the file, and permission of a file.

Write Operation:

It allows its user to overwrite the content of a file, view the ownership of the file, and view the permission of the file.

Execute and read operation: 

It allows its user to run or execute its file, and the user can execute all operations that are allowed in a read operation.

Modify operation: 

It allows the user to add, delete and append a file and allow the user to execute read and write operation which is permitted.

Control operation:

It allows users to have full control over the file like changing the permission of a file, change the ownership of a file and perform all those activities which are permitted.

iBoysoft NTFS for Mac

If you are using a Mac computer, then, unfortunately, you need an NTFS for Mac application to write files on an NTFS-formatted hard drive such as HDD, SDD, or a flash drive on your Mac device. That is because any operation like edit, copy, write, and delete on Mac can’t be performed without an NTFS driver for Mac.

The reason behind this Mac-only provides the facility of reading, you can’t write anything. In other words, you can simply open a file for reading but can’t edit the file. Microsoft NTFS for Mac by iBoysoft provides a fast and efficient way to read/write data to NTFS-formatted SDD, HDD, and flash drives.

iBoysoft NTFS for Mac provides users with the ability to mount an NTFS-formatted hard drive and helps users to work with files quickly and easily that are in NTFS format in their external hard drives. The unmount feature is also easily available in the menu bar.

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