Spotify to reintroduce Android widget in a future update

Back in August, Spotify, which is one of the largest music streaming platforms in the world, announced that they will soon be removing the app’s widget on Android. Nonetheless, the community backlash was incredibly huge.

People from all over the world gathered and expressed their frustration over the removal of the playback widget, which basically takes away the functionality of changing currently playing songs right from home screen. When Spotify was asked why they decided to remove the widget entirely, the company said that users could perform the same actions from either the lock screen or the notification tray.

spotify widget android

But, soon after, when Spotify asked users which feature they wanted to see next, a ton of people responded that they wanted the widget to make a comeback. Soon enough, the developer started working on a completely redesigned widget.

Forcing one to adapt to something is one thing everyone hates. After all, every good media player on Android comes with a plethora of widgets to choose from. Spotify’s decision to remove the widget and forcing users to use notifications is really a bad move.

For years, Android users are used to performing various actions or check important information from the comfort of their home screens. Widgets are an integral part of the ecosystem, giving access to actions which would otherwise take quite a time.

Spotify activate Android Widget

If you are keen on looking at what the developers are up to with the new widget, just install the latest version of Spotify Beta and you will have the widget back. That being said, the streaming platform has no exact timeline for when they will be re-adding the widget to the stable version.

Did you make use of the widget more often than changing songs from notification tray? What are your thoughts on Spotify’s explanation to remove the playback widget? Let us know in the comments below!

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