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Samsung removes videos from Youtube that made fun of Apple for no headphone jack

Many companies which mocked Apple for removing the headphone jack from iPhone, ended up doing the same sooner or later. OnePlus was very vocal about iPhones having no headphone jack. While contradicting themselves, they took the same step in their later phones starting with 6T. Guess these companies can’t be really trusted when it comes to taking a stand.

The latest addition to the list of such companies is Samsung. South Korea based Samsung also never left any stone unturned when it came to showing off headphone jacks in their phones through advertisements. Samsung also took shots at Apple for no headphone jack in their iPhones at every chance they got.

Recently, Samsung removed the headphone jack from its Note 10 series smartphones. Which is senseless considering that Note 10 comes with a 4+ inches stylus that resides within the smartphone. Samsung produced a lot of commercials that were put up on its official Youtube channel taking jibes at Apple. Reportedly, all such videos are now taken down by Samsung.

Samsung also took down videos that made fun of big notches on iPhones. Perhaps, because of the top-centre punch hole type front camera on the Note 10 or maybe there is a new phone coming out from Samsung that will have a notch.

Does this prove that Apple was right about the no headphone jack decision from the beginning itself? How do you feel about this?

Written by Navi R

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