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Samsung to finally relaunch the fixed Galaxy Fold in September

galaxy fold relaunch dateBack in April, Samsung delivered us the world’s first foldable smartphone, the Galaxy Fold. The $2000 phone soon become the envy of every smartphone enthusiast and almost everyone was waiting to get one.

Phone reviewers on Youtube were the first ones to get hold of the phone. Just days after testing the smartphone, many famous YouTubers such as Marques Brownlee confirmed that the display had several issues such as a bulge under the screen or in some cases the display blacking out entirely.

Samsung asked people who had pre-ordered the much-anticipated phone to cancel their orders on May 31 and the money was refunded back to them.

Soon, Samsung decided to recall all the units it had handed over and delayed the launch for an indefinite period. Almost 69 days later, the South Korean company is back and claims to have addressed the durability issues the phone had just months ago.

Samsung confirmed in a recent press release that Galaxy Fold would be relaunched sometime in September (the exact date is still unknown).

What did Samsung do to fix the “Fold”?

The first thing many reviewers did was remove the protective layer of film which came with the phone. Almost all of them thought it was some type of screen protector that Samsung has pre-installed on the phone. That being said, Samsung did not tell anyone that it wasn’t meant to be removed or messed with.

The review units had the film extended to the edge of the screen, making it look like it a typical screen protector. The relaunched Galaxy Fold will come with the screen protector tucked under the bezels making it difficult to remove along with a warning telling users not to peel it off.

The second problem reviewers encountered was that some dust and debris was making its way inside the device thereby damaging the display. Samsung has now strengthened the hinges by installing protective caps which will help prevent the accumulation of foreign particles as well as provide the much needed structural rigidity to the phone.

galaxy fold

Furthermore, the screen now comes with metal reinforcements below the Infinity Flex Display which will make the screen stiffer. Also, the minor but noticeable space between the screen and the hinges when the phone is folded has now been reduced.

The tech giant said that they are in the final testing stage and are working continuously to improve the user-experience the first foldable smartphone will offer. Android apps except a few are not yet designed to work with foldable displays and we think that this is something that app developers will fix with time.

Meanwhile, the company says that the user will now be able to continue where they left off on the small screen if they decide to open up the phone and make use of the larger display. Multi-window is also being enhanced to make optimal use of the real-estate that the bigger screen will offer.

For example, now you can video call someone while searching for information on the same screen.

Samsung has shared images of the redesigned Galaxy Fold and made it clear that the price will still be the same. Speculations suggest that the smartphone manufacturer does not want to steal the limelight from Note 10 and this is the reason why the exact launch (re-launch) date of the Galaxy Fold is not announced.

What do you think of the Galaxy Fold? Will it redefine the way we use phones or it will still be the same? Let us know in the comments below!


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