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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 disappoints fans- Here is a why

Samsung received all the hype for the Galaxy Note 10 event but was not able to live up to expectations. Now that it is officially announced, we take a look at all the corners it failed to touch.

No dual front camera

Not even the Note 10+ gets the S10+ like dual front camera setup. S10+ gets a 10MP front camera along with an 8MP depth sensor. Note 10+ gets no secondary camera like its sibling.

No headphone jack

Samsung finally took the leap and removed the headphone jack from Note 10 series. It’s really hard to digest that such a big device can house a 4.18 inch S Pen but can’t have space for a 3.5mm headphone jack. Samsung is now pushing its premium buyers to go for Galaxy Buds instead of wired headphones.

No high refresh rate display

Higher refresh rate displays have become an important feature for 2019 flagship devices. OnePlus 7 Pro kicked off the trend and made high refresh rate display a mainstream trend. You never know why you need a smartphone with a higher refresh rate until you use one.

Many manufacturers are now pushing hard by adding a 120Hz rate display. Samsung didn’t even provide a 90Hz display in Note 10 and Note 10+. The 90Hz display in OnePlus 7 Pro comes from nowhere else but Samsung itself. Poker Face!

No powerful processor

Samsung Note 10 lineup doesn’t have the Snapdragon 855 series processor. Although, they have put a 7nm Exynos processor, but Snapdragon has been miles ahead of Exynos from last few years. Snapdragon has also announced 855+ which comes with even better GPU and CPU performance over the regular 855.

Will Samsung’s 7nm Exynos be able to contend with Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chip? S10 with Exynos 9820 was not as powerful as an S10 with Snapdragon 855 according to benchmark test:

No full-screen experience

A display with a punch-hole front camera in late 2019? That too in a flagship phone?

These few things go on to show that Galaxy Note 10 might not be a perfect choice. If you still want a high-end Samsung device, buying the S10 series smartphone will be a better option as you will also get great discounts on them.

Written by Navi R

iPhone App Developer (but loves Android)- Tech Introvert, Gym Freak! Someone who sees the world in White & Black and finds peace in solitude. I have some crazy love for softwares and gadgets. Follow my articles for latest updates on smartphones and technology along with some insights.


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