Samsung Dex launched for Galaxy Note 10 to multitask on PC & Mac

Samsung has recently introduced the Dex which promises to channel the abilities of the handheld device on the bigger screens. The software offers general features like media transfer and screen sharing. Through Dex, a Galaxy device can be plugged into a PC or a Mac, giving you access to all the applications of the phone on your laptop or Smart TV.

The official statement released by Samsung on its recent launch read:

“Galaxy Note10 extends Samsung DeX’s capabilities, making it easier for you to work between your phone and a PC or Mac. With a simple, compatible USB connection, you can drag and drop files between devices and use your favourite mobile apps with a mouse and a keyboard, while keeping your data secure on the phone through Samsung Knox.”

Samsung Dex has some identical features like the AirDroid, and Dell Mobile Connect as the software enables you to give presentations, preview documents, and discuss agendas all on your big conference-room screen. It directly eliminates the role of any external storage device like a hard-disk or a USB. Samsung Dex can mirror the video conference call on the bigger screen while you can also run other applications simultaneously.

As one of its unique features, Samsung Dex also offers multi-application mode. You can watch your favourite movies and series on your TV or laptop while you can perform other tasks and access other apps on your phone. You can also use the Samsung Dex to switch between the PC and tab mode. You only need to tap on the Quick panel to use your tablet as a PC. You can open multiple windows, use the drag and drop features, equip a mouse and a keyboard and do everything else that can you do on a desktop.

Samsung Dex can also be accessed on a PC or a Macbook. The Galaxy device needs to be plugged in the PC or the Macbook through a USB cable. The software suite promises uninterrupted device to device media transfers to share pictures, videos and more.

The galaxy models which support the feature are Galaxy Note 10/ Note 10+ and the minimum OS requirements of PC are Windows 7, 10 and that for Mac, it should be higher than the version 10.13. Also, it’s necessary to download the PC app to use this feature.

You can easily switch from MS-Office applications to the web browser or Adobe Sketch. You can even change the browser screen from mobile mode to PC mode for a better experience in scrolling through the news or watching videos. Also, games like VainGlory, PUBG, NFS, FIFA19, etc. can be played on the bigger screen with the luxury of better graphics and enhanced sound quality.

Samsung Dex competes closely with other similar software suites like AirDroid, Vysor, Apower Mirror, TeamViewer QuickSupport, Dell Mobile Connect and Mirroring 360.

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