Rumors- Rockstar to delay GTA 6 Launch

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GTA, Grand Theft Auto is one of the most renowned game series ever. Many of its titles have been chart-toppers. With their realistic graphics and fantastic storyline, these games are much loved. GTA V was launched in 2013 and was a huge hit. Rockstar Games made massive changes and updates to the game and made it a best seller. Now, due to launch events on the Xbox X series and the Playstation 5, all the gamers have been waiting for GTA 6, the successor to GTA V. But due to the current conditions, there might be a delay for GTA VI launch.

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It is disappointing to many fans because everyone expected the launch to be associated with the new console launches, but this might now be eradicated. Many rumors claimed that GTA 6 could be made a Playstation 5 exclusive for a limited time. But, amid coronavirus pandemic, the game development is suffering. People are isolated, and Rockstar Games is most probably at a lack of devs. Everyone knows that all the GTAs have a large open map. Due to this, it takes a lot of time to make them. And now, due to the reason mentioned above, it might take a lot more time.

Rockstar Games have not shared anything about GTA VI at all. There are no news and neither any comments on the same. We never had an official statement for the release, but the game was expected to be launched in late 2021. Looking into the severity of the issue, we might expect a delay of around a couple of years. Yes, GTA VI might come in 2023. A ten-year gap in two big titles!

Now the question arises – isn’t there any alternative to prevent the delay? Well, if you consider the rumors again, maybe. Something is going all around that Rockstar Games might drop the game early, when one part of the map is ready, and keep working on the other part in that period. By the time you finish the first part, they will drop the second part and so on.

To understand, consider GTA San Andreas. When the story/game starts, you are in Grove Street. As you advance in the storyline, you get to other places. In the same way, GTA VI might work. They will drop part one first, you play it and by the time you complete the same, the next section will be ready and made available to play.

Thus, this is quite a helpful strategy if you can’t keep your temptations waiting. But we don’t think that this could happen. Here’s why – GTA is always a massive game, up to hundreds of GBs, and has so much detail. These require in-depth analysis and management. By making parts and adding then later would make the game cringy. There will be bugs, and the game will become quite unstable. Also, you wouldn’t want to download 20 – 30 GB of updates, either. So probably, this is far away from happening.

Rockstar Games is a big name. They make quality content, and they don’t consider time as a substantial challenge. There is a gap of many years for each title. Also, for a great gaming experience, the gamers would rather wait then have a buggy GTA. It is not just a Rockstar Games style to present GTA VI in parts just like that. GTA VI has enormous expectations, and fans want their experience to be epic. Thus, it is better to wait than to have dreams shattered.

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