PUBG Mobile Privacy Policy Gets An Update For India Following Ban Concerns

PUBG MOBILE Updates Privacy Policy Following Ban Concerns

PUBG Mobile gamers from the India region were greeted today with a message about changes to the privacy policy. This signals Tencent is getting itself ready to comply with government’s guidelines on apps amidst rising ban concerns.

In the wake of the ban of 59 Chinese apps by June end and another digital strike on 47 clone apps recently, PUBG is on the radar. Amidst growing anti-China sentiments, a report in Economic Times suggested that around 275 more such Chinese apps were on Government’s list. Few popular names which could face the axe included Tencent backed gaming app PUBG, Ludo World, Resso, AliExpress, & 14 more apps from Xiaomi. These Chinese apps were considered to be violating the defense of India, national security, and user privacy.

The news had led to quite an uproar on social media with parents welcoming it and leaving gamers concerned. Though there has been no official confirmation by the government on PUBG Mobile ban in the country, Tencent has made its intention clear that it cannot risk losing its market.

In compliance with the Indian government’s guidelines on foreign apps, Tencent has updated its privacy policy for India only. The India specific change was brought to light when the gamers started getting pop-up notifications within the game.

The policy very clearly informs its users about the user information being collected at the time of registration, how the user data will be used, who they will be sharing the data, how long they will keep the user data with them, and user’s rights over data. The policy clearly highlights that the data stored is on the servers based out of India. The policy also emphasized that the helpdesk of PUBG India is based out of India and has access to local user data meant for Indian users.

The changes in privacy policy are yet not reflected on the site, the official document reflects the changes last made on July 22.

In the past, the issue of lack of transparency in data sharing by the apps with the Chinese authorities has been consistently flagged by India, America, and countries in Europe. As of now, the privacy policy issued by Tencent doesn’t alleviate the pain area.

It is best to continue to enjoy playing PUBG Mobile the way you are and hope that this move by Tencent will be enough to keep the game away from the ban.


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