Netflix to Quality Check Content Before Releasing on its Platform

Every streaming platform’s popularity depends upon its quality of content. Netflix is the most popular platform due to its vast library of shows, movie, anime as well as due to its high-quality standards of content.

Netflix To Do Quality Check Before Releasing Content

Recently, Netflix received massive backlash for streaming Karan Johar’s Drive, which turned out to be a mediocre film. Following this, Netflix India has decided to monitor all the content before streaming it in the Indian market.

“Just because you are a popular filmmaker, you can’t be trusted to provide quality content. Netflix and Amazon have international standards to maintain,” says the source.

According to the sources, Netflix included Drive in the package deal with Karan Johar’ in good faith’. “They never expected they’d be let-down like this. From now on, the rules will change. Big names won’t be let through the check post without being frisked,” says the source.

Backlash From Critics as well as audience

netflix quality check drive movie

The audience, as well as critics, massively thrashed Drive. HuffingtonPost in their review, wrote, “Between the forgettable songs and the lazily-written dialogues, there are innumerable twists and turns, and not one that pumps up the adrenaline or makes you admire its aesthetic genius. On the contrary, the film offers a lot of unintentional laughs. Sushant Singh Rajput and Jacqueline Fernandez are so wooden; the cars carry more gravitas than their collectively dull performances. As for rest of the cast, they seem impatient and apologetic, as if secretly in on the joke that the film ends up being.”

On the work front, Jaqueline Fernandez to work with Salman Khan for Kick 2. Kick 2 was postponed due to additional shoot. Talking about the delay in the making, the actress said: “That’s because the director wanted it to be perfect. It is an amazing script. I am happy to be part of the sequel of a film which catapulted my career; It is good to be working again with the team.”

She is currently on Dabbang Tour with Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif, and others. Sushant is working on Hindi remake of The Fault In Our Stars.

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Written by Bhaumik Raja


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