MIUI 11 Introduces Mi Print that Makes Printing Job Easy Without any PC

To date, we have been mostly depending on PCs to print important documents or photographs because PCs support multiple printers without any hassle. However, if the simple printing job could have been handled using our smartphones it would have been much more convenient. Thanks to the new Mi Print feature that comes with the new Android-based customized skin MIUI 11 that made it possible.

Previously, smartphones used to support very few printing devices and users need to run separate applications on their phones supplied by each individual printer brand. This used to make the printing job very cumbersome through phones. Hence, people were mostly preferring PCs for printing.

However, Xiaomi has worked with many major printer manufacturers that made printing through smartphones on several brands of printers easier. With the Mi Print feature, you never need to run individual applications for each printer brand.

The Mi Print feature is compatible with more than 2000 printing machines manufactured by more than 25 brands that include RICOH, SHARP, Brother, Canon, CSR, Dell, EPSON, HP, Toshiba, Samsung, Lenovo, Lexmark, and others. The printing functionality of all these brands is integrated into Mi Print. So, all you need is just the tap of a button on your touchscreen and you get the printing sheet on most of the machines that you like.

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