Jio Fiber annual plans and freebies explained: Here is how much to pay for free 4K TV


With Jio Fiber’s commercial launch today, many people are disappointed with the plans. Jio Fiber plans start from ₹699 a month to ₹8,499 a month with the high-end plan. Jio promised to give freebies to those customers who will become their annual subscribers. Jio has finally revealed which annual plan will come with which freebie and how much a customer will have to pay.

Please note that all the plans mentioned below are without GST rates. You will have to pay additional applicable GST for both annual and monthly plans. Jio Home Gateway and 4K Set-top box are free with all annual plans. They have also not disclosed the brand of the HD and 4K TV that comes free.

Jio Fiber Bronze Plan

The cheapest Bronze plan which starts from ₹699 per month will come with a Bluetooth speaker as free gift for those opting for an annual subscription. The Muse 2- 6 Watt Bluetooth speaker is priced at ₹2,999 according to Jio.

jio fiber bronze annual free

With the annual Bronze subscription, you will have to pay ₹8,388 + applicable GST for the first year. You will end up getting 100MB/s high-speed internet with 1,200 GB data for the year.

Jio Fiber Silver Plan

Silver plan with JioForever Annual subscription will cost you ₹10,188 + additional GST. For your money, you will get a complementary Thump 2- 12 W Bluetooth speaker which costs around ₹3,999 according to Jio. Apart from the speaker, you also become eligible for Jio Home Gateway and 4K set-top box each worth ₹5,000 and ₹4,400 respectively.

jio fiber silver plan

For your money, you will receive 2,400 GB of data for 1 year with 100MB/s speed. Silver plan on monthly basis is priced at ₹849.

Jio Fiber Gold Annual Plan

This is the one that you need to choose if you are keen on getting the free HDTV. With Jio Fiber Gold annual subscription, you will get a 24 inch HDTV worth ₹ 12,990. Jio Home Gateway and 4K Set-top box are also complimentary with Gold JioForever Plan.

You will have to spend ₹ 31,176 instead of ₹ 15,588 (₹1,299*12) for the Gold Plan as it comes with a minimum enrolment period of 2 years. That is a huge commitment and price to pay upfront to your Internet Service Provider. A lockdown period of two years can become a headache if Jio fails to provide good service to you. Anyhow, you will receive 12,000GB data for 2 years with 250MB/s speed.

Jio Fiber Diamond Annual Plan

Jio’s Diamond Annual Plan comes with a price of ₹ 29,988 for the first year. You get the same 24 inch HDTV that you get with the Gold plan along with Jio Home Gateway and 4K Set-top box. Diamond Plan on per month basis costs ₹ 2,499 + GST.

jio diamond annual plan

You get 15,000GB for the first year with 500MB/s bandwidth for the price that you pay.

Jio Fiber Platinum annual plan

JioForever Platinum annual plan also comes with the same freebies as offered with Diamond and Gold plan. The only difference is in the price and data that will come bundled with the package.

jio fiber platinum annual plan

You will get 30,000GB for 1 year which is double than what is offered by Diamond plan with 1GB/s bandwidth. Both data speed and data usage are double of that offered by the Diamond plan. You will have to spend ₹ 47,988 to enrol for the Platinum annual plan which costs ₹3,999 on per month basis.

Jio Fiber Titanium annual plan

The most expensive Titanium plan costs ₹ 8,499 per month and offers 1GB/s bandwidth with 5,000GB monthly data limit. If you choose to enrol for JioForever Titanium annual plan, you will have to spend ₹ 1,01,988.

jio fiber titanium annual plan

For your money, you will get a 43 inch 4K TV which costs around ₹ 44,990 according to Jio. Internet wise, you will get 1GB/s bandwidth and 60,000GB data for a year. Jio Home Gateway and 4K Set-top box are again complementary with the Titanium plan.

You can check all the plans mentioned above on Jio Fiber website and confirm the details. If you are interested in any of the above-mentioned plans, reach out to Jio Fiber executives to get you started with the further process.


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