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How to use Virtual Reality productively in 2020?

Allowing users to effectively transport themselves into another world, and escape (if only for a moment) from their current real-world experience, then the possibilities of virtual reality are endless. Sure, they might give some people a headache in their current form, and be treated as little more than a gimmick (similar to 3D glasses) by many, but the technology is constantly evolving, and will soon be in more mainstream

Interested in finding out more information on how you might be able to use virtual reality more productively than just for games in 2020? We’ve compiled a short guide with some different examples of usages that you might not have considered.

Planning your next holiday with Virtual Reality

Starting with something simple, why not use virtual reality to help plan your next holiday? If you’ve always wanted to visit a specific country or city before, and are not sure whether it’s going to be right for you, you could use services such as Google Earth VR in order to get a first-person, boots on the ground perspective, rather than just looking at the same old maps and guides to plan out your next trip.

This sort of technology is already being used by travel companies to promote holidays to customers and will continue to grow as a popular way of marketing your next sunny getaway. Travel World VR is just one example of a company using this technology, as described in an article by Forbes on how the tech could help the holidaymakers of tomorrow.

Investment in Virtual Reality

If you’re someone that has a decent amount of capital stored away and are thinking about pursuing an investment strategy, you might be wondering how virtual reality can help you. Well, property investment is one industry that is using the technology to its advantage, not only allowing investors to view their potential investment property remotely, but also allowing them to get a glimpse as to what their property will look like when completed, if still in an off-plan, construction and development phase.

One good example of this in action is with property investment company RWinvest, who use VR in conjunction with a bunch of different investment materials in order to aid and assist investors in making the right financial decision. Of course, it’s been a great help during the pandemic period, where investors haven’t been able to go and visit properties for viewings due to lockdown restrictions.


As another example of how virtual reality units are being used already in industries and companies that you might not have considered, many new employees are now being trained up and tested in skilled professions or ones with the risk involved through VR. These include the likes of dentists and surgeons, who employ the use of the technology when showing trainees and students the process from a first-person perspective, without putting any patients at risk.

Another interesting usage is in forward-thinking developments like train stations, for example, where those running the consoles will have to prepare to work in an environment that hasn’t yet been built. This is great for those that are working on a reduced timescale and need to start preparing before their work environment is ready.

VR is also used for sports training. With the help of an accurate launch monitor, a player can enjoy golf, baseball and other outdoor games in their homes.

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