How to use the Tele-Medicine feature if you need to see a doctor amidst lockdown

telemedicine india
telemedicine india

All OPD Services shall remain closed during Corona pandemic- A Big Issue for regular patients looking for regular checkups and medicines other than Corona.

Given the bulk of patients coming to hospitals for their regular checkups, treatments, medicinal helps; it has been decided by the government to close OPDs. It’s worth noting that the lurking fear of corona is augmenting every passing day as India has reported over 830 cases of it currently.

Amidst all this chaos, the regular patients (other than corona) are facing a great hurdle in continuing their treatment, regular checkups and taking medicines. The country lockdown is making it hard for them to continue their medicinal sessions.

Governmental Steps in This Regard!

As per the government’s orders, all patients other than corona should avoid their routine visits and try postponing them during this emergency lockdown. The motive behind suspending the OPDs was to avoid the crowd of general patients within the hospitals so that they cannot get infected from the coronavirus. There’s an urgent need to maintain proper social distancing everywhere even in hospitals as well. This was the agenda of the government behind suspending the OPDs.

But the question here arises about those general patients who need to visit hospitals for dialysis, and to take other emergency services as they are unable to get access to routine checkups and medical services currently. The government has taken essential steps in this regard too. The severe patients other than corona can approach the hospitals and can get required measures. But those who need non-essential treatments or small treatments or normal routine check-ups should avoid visiting the hospitals. Also, elective processes have been reduced to keep the hospital crowd as lower as possible.

For them, tele-medicines guidelines have been issued by the health ministry wherein the patients will be able to get online services from the doctors and also will have access to medicines online. 

Of course, during these difficult times, we all need to be alert and cooperative with government measures. To keep India safe, some drastic measures have been adopted by the government as we all have witnessed.

It is worth mentioning here that hospitals have created isolation wards for coronavirus patients’ treatment and the government is planning to order 40,000 ventilators for the patients. The list of equipment that is needed for arranging a coronavirus testing laboratory has been set by the hospital authorities. Time to time, the government is arranging webinars with all India doctors to train them about clinical management and other related issues of this emergency period.

Stay safe!


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