How to ship from US to India during Black Friday Sale

We have just posted details about the recently opened exciting Black Friday deals in the U.S. offered by Google Store. Apart from Google Store, many other prominent online retailers such as Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart have been offering a lot of discounts for several products on the eve of Black Friday. Hence, buyers back in India might get tempted in grabbing these deals but unable to do so since they are in a different location. But don’t worry there are ways to ship your items bought from the online retail stores in the U.S. and ship them to India. Let us check a few of them.

ship from US to India black friday sale

1. Buyandship

Buyandship is one of the most authentic websites which you can use to buy many items from online stores in the U.S. and ship it to India in a few days by paying some charges. The online shipper is presently featuring Google Store Black Friday deals on their website. Here are the steps to use buyandship for the shipment –

Photo Credit: Buyandship

Time needed: 10 minutes.

How to ship from US to India during Black Friday Sale

  1. Register on the buyandship website as a member.

  2. Select and buy the required item from the online retail store.

  3. When the online retailer asks for the Receiver details such as First Name and Last Name, use the Receiver’s ID provided to you by buyandship after registration.

  4. During checkout, when the online retailer asks for Delivery Address, use the warehouse address of buyandship in the U.S. by navigating to “Manage your address” at the Membership Centre.

  5. Buyandship will send you an email regarding an “undeclared parcel” along with the tracking number.

  6. Register your parcel and provide necessary information at “Manage your parcel” from the Membership Centre.

  7. The parcel will be sent to Buyandship’s HongKong warehouse before delivery to India.

  8. Complete the payment (including necessary custom duties that are 41.492% on average for personal shipments) through the Buyandship membership page and get ready to receive the parcel at your doorstep. Buyandship takes around 6 to 9 days to deliver a parcel from the U.S. to India.

2. HitchHiker Mobile App

HitchHiker mobile app is available on both iOS and Android platforms. It uses an interesting method to ship items from one location to another. It taps travellers with excess baggage space over any flight and connects them with the shipper who can ask and pay the traveller for carrying the item on his behalf and delivering it to the said address. Here are the simple ways to do it –

  1. Register on the app and post all the information about your shipment bought online.
  2. Wait for the app to send you a notification about the potential traveller who can carry the item for you or Request a specific traveller on the app to ship your package.
  3. You get accepted by the traveller for the shipment or you accept a traveller’s request for the shipment.
  4. Check traveller profile and his/her ratings.
  5. Chat with the traveller and get his/her address details (home or hotel).
  6. Pay the shipping fee online in the HitchHiker app, which will hold the money till the delivery of the shipment
  7. Select and buy the required item from the online retail store and provide the traveller’s name and address details for delivery during the checkout.
  8. Traveller picks up the item and notifies through the app about the shipment until the delivery
  9. Wait for the traveller to arrive at the destination and get your unsealed parcel. Traveller will scan the QR code from your phone as proof of delivery.


Foreignshopper uses the same methods as Buyandship to shop for any unrestricted items from U.S. online merchants and ship them anywhere around the world. Upon registering on the website, foreignshopper provides a U.S. address to the account holder, which can be used by the shopper during the checkout on the online retailer website. Thereafter, the parcel gets delivered from the online retailer to foreignshopper warehouse and finally from the foreignshopper warehouse to the receiver’s address.

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