UPDATED- How to Get Missing Rangoli Stamp in Google Pay

Google Pay has extended the Stamp Wali Diwali scheme yesterday till November 11 and the whole nation has gone crazy looking for the rare and precious Rangoli stamp. There are several user comments spread over social media platforms showing frustration and jokes over the long wait for the highly-desired stamp.

In order to provide a helping hand for the users, we have previously posted several unique methods to get the Rangoli Stamp. Here, we will talk about a few more methods that anyone can try it until the extended time of the scheme. As we said before, these methods may not work 100% of the time but they are worth trying to win the stamp that looks like getting water out of the desert.

Method 1:

  • Keep a Business/ PhonePe/ Paytm QR Code saved on your phone.
  • Go to Google Pay and scan the QR code using the QR Scanner.
  • Pay an amount worth Rs.35 or more.
  • You can try steps 2 & 3 five times to get a Rangoli stamp.

Method 2:

  • Create a Google Pay Clone/Dual App on your phone and installed Google Pay on another phone.
  • Create a new Gmail account
  • Open the Clone Google Pay app and enter a new phone number. There is no need to link the payment app with a bank account.
  • Login with the newly opened Gmail account
  • Verify OTP and Login
  • Scan any picture and get a random stamp in return.
  • If you get the Rangoli stamp, click on Gift and send the stamp to the main Google Pay account.

Method 3:

  • Open Google Pay and click on the “New” option
  • Look for Gold Vault under businesses and click on it
  • Purchase gold worth Rs.35 or more
  • You might get the Rangoli stamp

Method 4: (This method has been discussed before but we are highlighting it again as Google Pay mentioned in the app that you might get some rare stamps by trying this method)

  • Open Google Pay app and go to the Bill Payment option
  • Choose Electricity bill payment equal to or more than Rs.200 or DTH recharge of Rs.150 or more
  • You might get the Rangoli stamp after doing this.

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