GTA 6: New Updates Suggest Possible Release in 2021

We have recently come across some new updates about the upcoming instalment of the highly-anticipated Grand Theft Auto series. It will surely titillate fans but disappoint them at the same time.

The first disappointment came when no official announcement emerged from Rockstar Games regarding GTA VI after the release of their Red Dead Redemption 2 in October last year. Rockstar has even confirmed that we should not expect any news about the release date of GTA VI in 2019. 

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GTA 6 Release date

Now it seems that GTA VI would not see the daylight even in 2020. The latest leaks suggest the game will be released in 2021 with an official announcement by Rockstar in fall 2020. So, forget about PS4 and Xbox One for playing the game.

Microsoft expects to launch Xbox Scarlett in 2020 and PS5 is expected to come out at the same time. Therefore, it is normally expected that GTA VI would be exclusively playable on these two gaming consoles instead of cross-generational ones. 

Per, one Reddit user (CurryLav), who is familiar with an employee in Rockstar India, affirmed that the conceptual development of the new GTA game started right after the release of GTA V six years ago while the full development of the game has been initiated in summer 2018.

The Reddit user also revealed that his source confirmed that the next GTA game will be set in Vice City with significant changes in the map. For example, the map will be much bigger than GTA V and accommodate swamps on the left middle side, the city at the centre, and huge islands on the far right end. Further, there will be considerable changes in building structures and the heavy impact of weather conditions such as floods, lightning, and hurricanes on the characters. The climax of the story will totally depend on the player’s discretion.

Another Reddit user (Temperaturerising45) revealed that the storyline of GTA VI will be set between two cities, Las Venturas and San Fierro. The former has been designed with respect to Las Vegas and the latter with San Francisco in mind. The map will be four times bigger than GTA V and it will feature some interesting locations such as Area 51 and Hoover Dam.

The second Reddit user also mentioned that there will be two protagonists in the game – one male and one female. The characters will experience life-like events in the game such as funerals and family holidays. 

As per the user, the developers laid high emphasis on detail-oriented interior building structures. The game will allow players to get inside malls, police stations, fast food restaurants, and gas stations. 

Two types of weapon stores will be present in the game – ammunition stores selling normal weapons and underground stores selling massive items like Grenade Launchers. 

As before, mini-games, heists, and business ventures will be present in the game.

The credibility of the leaks can always be put into question. Going by history, sometimes the leaks have proved correct while sometimes they are not. It is only after some official announcement, we could get an idea about what is going on. Till then, stay tuned…

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