Rockstar Games may announce GTA 6 in February 2020

The dream of every GTA fan might come true this year. 2020 might be the year when we finally get to see GTA 6. Since the release of GTA V in 2013, people are wondering what the next GTA would look like. There were lots of speculations, and Rockstar was mostly tight-lipped with any news regarding GTA 6.

Some people claimed that GTA 6 was under consideration even before GTA V was released, but due to the success of GTA V online and Red Dead Redemption 2, the project was delayed.

Now, according to a new theory, there is a new job posting made by Rockstar Games, the studio behind GTA. This job posting accompanied by some leaks suggests that the studio is up for something big.

gta 6 release date

The job posted by Rockstar mentions the need for a “Post-Production Video Editor.” This requirement was made public on the 10th of January, and it means we are going to see a new trailer, perhaps. However, the posting didn’t mention GTA. So, we might get a video related to any other title as well.

However, with the upcoming launch of next-gen PlayStation and Xbox, Rockstar must be tempted to show what it has to offer. The listing mentions that the applicant needs to be experienced in drama and documentary. This requirement means the video needs to feature a game that includes these elements. This shortlists the following titles, GTA, LA Noire, and Red Dead Redemption.

gta 6 launch

Now, it is okay to rule out Red Dead Redemption as the latest entry in the franchise is hardly a couple of years old. On the other hand, LA Noire and GTA V were released in 2011 and 2013, respectively, which makes them a suitable candidate. LA Noire being the prime one as there have been rumors about LA Noire 2 in the past.

However, there’s more to this GTA 6 reveal. A Reddit rumor which got removed claimed that a new GTA game could be revealed in February. The story was in-line with the “Project Americas” news. “Project Americas” is the code name given to the new GTA game. February is just around the corner, and we don’t have to wait a lot to see if there is any truth to this GTA 6 news.

Written by Parth Singh

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