Google Stadia launch in India expected around 2021

Google launched its much-awaited cloud game streaming service on November 19th in 14 North American and European countries. In the first phase, Google Stadia was launched in the US, Canada, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden and the UK. However, Google has made no official announcements regarding when it is going launch the gaming service in the mega continent, i.e. Asia.

google stadia india launch date

Now comes the million-dollar question! When will Google launch the Stadia in India? Due to its huge base of internet users and game enthusiasts, India is a famous market for all such services and products, but Google has chosen to reach the big market at a later point of time. Nonetheless, Google expressed its plans about expanding the Stadia to a few more nations in 2020, but India wasn’t among them. By joining the dots and following the trails, we can conclude that the Indian users might have to wait till 2021 for Google Stadia.

A service like Google Stadia is an exciting deal for consumers in India where the popularity of gaming consoles is not very high due to the cost of the hardware and the games also. With the launch of Jio GigaFiber in India, Google can take the opportunity and test the Stadia in the Indian market sooner than expected.

Google had earlier said that the Stadia would come with 12 titles, but they later rectified their statement and added that a total of 22 titles would be a part of the introductory service. As of now, the Stadia is available only in the Pro tier, but Google has plans to introduce a free tier in 2020. For the Indian customers, the wait seems to be quite long, but Google has never disappointed its Indian users in the past, and we can expect something exclusively for the Indian market.

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