Google Deletes TikTok Reviews Overnight To Restore Ratings

TikTok’s ratings on Google Play Store had dropped from 4.5 stars to 1.2 stars in a week due to recent controversies. Apparently, Google deleted over a million TikTok reviews overnight, which helped in arresting the declining trend of ratings. From May 16 the TikTok rating saw a steep decline from 4.5 to 1.2 stars till May 21. But overnight it saw an increase from 1.2 to 1.6 stars. Let us check out the reason behind it!

Playstore Restoring TikTok Ratings

After the deletion of Carryminati’s popular TikTok roast video from YouTube, people in huge numbers united to support him. People started showing all kinds of posts that TikTok was allowed to spoil the youth’s mentality. It became a trend on Twitter.

The trend showed how TikTok promoted violence on women and animals. Many commissions for women and animals lodged complaints against the app and one specific user whose ID was taken down. However, the demand to ban TikTok from India stays firm among people.

Due to all the controversy, mass reporting for TikTok on Play store started, and TikTok’s rating dropped from 4.5 to 1.2 in a week.

16 May: 4.5 stars
17 May: 3.8 stars
18 May: 3.2 stars
19 May: 2.0 stars
20 May: 1.3 stars
21 May: 1.2 stars
22 May: 1.6 stars

Check the statistics which give evidence that Google Play store is deleting reviews to protect its popular Chinese app.

Statistics at the start of week May 16:
Rating of Tik Tok – 4.5/5
No. of Ratings – 21 Million

Rating of Tik Tok on May 21
Rating of TikTok – 1.2/5
No. of Ratings – 28 Million

Statistics Today (May 22, 2020)
Rating of TikTok – 1.6/5 *
No. of Ratings – 27 Million *

The * indicates a significant increase in rating and a decrease in the number of reviews. It is hard to believe that 1 million users suddenly deleted their reviews. These statistics indeed prove that Play Store is up to protect TikTok.

What Play Store did is legal and it has the right to protect its apps but it will surely disappoint millions of people who reported against the ethics of the platform.

What do you think about this? Should TikTok be banned in India?

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Written by Bhaumik Raja

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  1. Is there any option to rate google play store.. 😂😂
    2 million 1* reviews are being deleted and it shows increase in the rating…
    What’s going on… now there is a question can we trust on google after this… Is our pictures and videos safe? … or can anyone buy our personal moments with their money…

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