Free VPN Apps To Try In 2020 if you don’t want to pay a heavy premium

free vpn apps

With rapidly growing privacy breaches, security attacks, and online financial scandals, it is high time you must opt for a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to defend yourself against a possible assault. In recent years, we have heard about cyber attacks and privacy violations in extremely defended & profound institutions like Sony, NASA, Apple, and even White House. In a third-world country like India, it is extremely recommended to safeguard yourselves with a reliable VPN app.

Not just privacy concerns, a good VPN app is also a tool to fight against unnecessary censorship and to shield your freedom of speech & expression. You can enjoy the privileges of watching and accessing even the data that is being censored or banned in your nation in the name of objectionable content.

If you have got the right VPN service you can seamlessly enjoy those movies and web-shows that are banned in India without leaving any footprints, that’s why a VPN is also referred to as a tunnel.

What Is A VPN?

A VPN app or service is basically a software that establishes an encrypted communication between your phone, PC, Smart TV or browser and an inaccessible content provider through a private tunnel controlled by servers in the VPN provider companies. This allows you to access the protected data without providing your private information to your ISP (Internet Service Provider).

Top 9 Free VPN Apps To Try In 2020

Though anonymity and privacy is an invaluable thing and you might subscribe to without caring for what it costs, but, there are many such free VPN providers that can give you a secure, seamless and the finest browsing experience. 

Our tech-experts have tried around hundreds of free VPN apps to test their performance and security concerns. You might be using a VPN service other than recommendations in our list, but should certainly give a try to the best VPN apps in 2020. Get it here!

Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Sheild allows fast, reliable and some brilliant security hallmarks, though a small data limit of 500MB.


In case you have to access a huge amount of data, you should try Windscribe that allows a 10GB of data. Windscribe comes with a user-friendly interface and an inbuilt spam blocker that not just blocks malware but also annoying advertisements. provides a stable connection without interrupting the usage while you enjoy your favorite show. It allows 2GB of free data per month.


If you want to access a reliable VPN tunnel that can bypass most of the geography-based blocks, you can enjoy a 7-day free trial in the PrivateVPN app.


This VPN provider app comes with a GhostBear feature in which you can bypass the geo-blocks and content censorships. TunnelBear allows you to access 500MB of free data per month.


If you browse a huge amount of data, ProtonVPN allows unlimited access to private browsing with fine speed and a user-friendly interface.

Opera VPN

If you use Opera browser, you should certainly try its secure Opera VPN plugin that passes unlimited data, you do not even need to install any other app or create a different account, your browser itself holds this VPN plugin.


This VPN app comes with an out-of-the-box channel adjoining mode to escalate your private and secure browsing speed allowing a 5GB of data every month.


This VPN provider app comes with a highly friendly interface that supports Point to Point connections allowing 500MB of free data every day.

If you have experienced a VPN service better than our recommended list, you can tell us your choice in the comment section, we humbly and fondly welcome your suggestions.

Written by Komal


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