Chinese Govt to take action against online movie streaming platforms


From time to time Chinese media watchdog controls the content streamed by the partners. Very recently it has come down heavily on the country’s different live-streaming online apps. It has even gone to the extent of blacklisting some of them. Some have been left off with a warning and corrective actions by the Chinese media regulator.

china bans netflix

The regulator agency has passed a resolution to take action against 10 such live streaming online apps that were found to be flouting rules. Some known names include ByteDance’s Xigua, Huya Inc., DouYu International Holdings Ltd., NetEase Inc.’s CC Live, and Baidu Inc.’s Quanmin among others.

These streaming apps are almost on similar lines as the top-ranked Xigua Video (“Watermelon Video” in English) by ByteDance. Xigua promotes a Netflix-like product for watching full-length movies used for an average of 70 minutes per day by 55 million DAU’s.

China flexes muscles against online streaming apps once again

In a bid to control the content consumed by people in China, the regulating agency has decided to flex its muscles once again. Many of the online streaming apps promoting content that is close to being vulgar have been forbidden.

The banning has come in the form of restricting new registrations, complete blacklisting for some, and discontinuation of channel updates. The severity of punishment depends on the gravity of misleading content.

Apart from stricter punishment terms for 10 online streaming apps, the agency also did a routine check of 31 major online platforms. The repeat offenders were served notice and 10 out of them were asked to fix obscene content and observations.

These are not one-off incidents happening in the Chinese media industry. It was only in April 2020 that the Chinese Media regulator had suspended Baidu’s mobile app on the grounds of streaming obscene content. The content was not in compliance with its guidelines. It had also asked Bilibili to tone down its content related to LGBT discussion groups.


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