Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Reintroduces Grind Mode from COD: Ghosts

call of duty modern warfare
Picture Credit: Infinity Ward

Yes, you read it right. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has brought back one of its all-time favorite Grind Mode from 2013’s Call of Duty: Ghosts. Activision confirmed the update on its blog. The mode had been experienced before in other versions like Stockpile and Fracture. But Grind for Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® is designed with a unique “set of objectives, rules, and strategies.” In a bloody and highly charged battlefield, the Grind Mode picks up rules’ ideas from Kill Confirmed and Hardpoint.

In Grind, a multiplayer gaming mode, points are not scored by just killing the opponents. Rather you have to collect the dog tags from fallen players and carry forward those tags to an itemized location. The thing which makes the Grind Mode exciting and full of suspense is the idea behind the location which is not fixed. It keeps on changing during the entire tenure of the game for both the teams.

But there is a catch here! If a player gets killed, his inventory of tags gets dropped immediately. In other words, staying alive while heading forward is the most important tactic in the game!

Somewhat on similar lines of Kill Confirmed, a gamer is given the option to collect fallen teammates’ tags before enemy teams make a pick. Strategy with teamwork is much needed to score and win.

“Kills in this mode must be confirmed by picking up dog tags from fallen players and taking them to an objective location to score points for your team. The objective rotates around the map making it even more of a challenge to earn points.

You can collect more than one dog tag as they are stackable, then deliver multiple tags to the objective at once. If you are killed while carrying dog tags, you will drop all of your tags, plus an additional one for yourself.

You can also collect tags of fallen teammates, similar to Kill Confirmed, to deny tag collection by the enemy team,” as explained in Activision’s blog

Exact updates on the Grind Strategies and Tips for Certain Maps and Grind Tactics can be accessed from Activision’s blog. Details about the variations between risks, rewards, different perks on offer like High Alert, Double Time and E.O.D, and the Trophy System also needs to be made a note of.

The only disappointing aspect of Grind Mode update is it has been brought at the cost of Drop Zone as confirmed by Infinity Ward. The other lesser ones, which have been replaced by Grind include Shoot the Ship and the Snowfight.

But the devs believe that the Grind will compensate and will turn out to be an exciting gaming experience in which players have to make strategies during the tense moments, kill the opponents and score points for their teams.

The Infinity Ward devs have been regular in providing an update to the content by bringing in exciting maps, modes, and more perks to the Modern Warfare community. Somehow if you don’t like playing bloody and chaotic Grind, it will not be long enough when there will be brand new content!

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