Fortnite Black Hole Mystery Deepens At The End Of Chapter 2

On Sunday in a stream event of #Fortnite‘s Season 10, there was an explosive season-ending moment. Unexpectedly, it resulted in the elimination of the island and presumably the game itself. The mystery deepened as the season ended with an extensive purple whack. It concluded with an enigmatic black hole and few cryptic numbers on display. Gamers were left unexpectedly gaping into a black hole in-game. The end of season 10 was expected to introduce Season 11 but “The End” turned out to be no longer playable.

Black Hole Fortnite

Scores of Fortnite players took to Twitter to express anguish after the map was exterminated by an asteroid shower and got metamorphosed into a black hole. The curiosity got heightened with all servers down after Epic Games teasing an apocalyptic event for the Fortnite season 10 map titled “The End.”

To add onto, Epic Games has enforced blackout of its social media pages. It has posted a series of black images on the likes on Instagram. Epic Games has deleted all of its tweets and is instead running the live stream of a baffling black hole only.

On the official twitter handle, in the only tweet, one can access a mini-game. It has some random numbers on display and a few other effects appearing in-game. The mystery numbers “11 146 15 62” has led to speculations whether Aquaman in Fortnite is confirmed?

Industry insiders believe that this indicates an “end of an era”. But another theory popping up is whether it is an indicator of Epic Games eliminating Fortnite completely? There are indications from which it can be inferred that this is the last time Epic Games will allow access to the Fortnite season 10 map. In all probability, the map will be replaced with a completely distinct iteration.

Currently, all Fortnite servers are down and no one can log in to see if there is any update. The Epic Games server’s status page is not of much help either. It does not provide any information on what is coming next. There is no official word on when Fortnite servers might be up and running on PS4, Xbox One, Switch, Mobile and PC.

Earlier the mobile version was rumoured to be fixed but it turned out to be misreported. From the site, data miners have found that the servers should be back online by October 15. Fortnite fans are hoping that when they wake up they will continue as usual or at least have an update.

The bad news for players is that there is no way to play the game on live servers on any platforms. So far, server downtime has not been announced, and there is no word on Twitter when things will start for Season 11. But you are not alone and the shutdown won’t last forever; Epic Games haven’t locked down Fortnite for good.

We have something good to look forward to after a few hours of downtime. Season 11 is coming with a new map and more events. Launch of Chapter 2 – Fortnite Battle Royale is expected to happen soon with new locations and points of interest to be included. Expect an official launch of the Fortnite Halloween event later this month. Accessories like skins and some kind of in-game events will be unveiled.

The team will keep you updated on any news of release date, as we still don’t know when the game will be coming back online.

Written by Rashmi


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