Apple iPad Air(2019) ‘Blank Screen’ issue, check eligibility for free repair service


Apple announced a new repair and replacement program for free of cost. This program will address the issues that some users are complaining about in their iPad Air (2019) models. The company has noted the issue of “blank screen” reported by some iPad Air devices under certain circumstances. Before the screen turns blank, a brief flash or flicker may also appear.

A brief flicker or flash may appear before the screen goes blank,” Apple on the Black Screen issue of iPad Air (2019).

Apple Support page for ‘iPad Air (3rd Generation) Service Program for Blank Screen Issue’.

If you own an iPad Air (2019) device which was manufactured between March and October 2019 then you should read below. The eligible devices will get free service from Apple authorized service providers.

This replacement & repair program is basically for the third-generation iPad Air that was manufactured between March 2019 to October 2019. These models have a problem of turning the display into blank permanently.

‘Blank Screen” issue has caused resentment amongst the users. However, Apple is always there with a solution too. The affected users can get the displays replayed at a moment’s notice and that too without paying a single penny for it.

How Can You Avail This Free Service?

Your very first step would be to gauge out if your iPad gets covered under the scheme or eligible for this free service? For this, either contact Apple or it’s authorized repair center or even can take directly it to Apple Store.

Free repair service is available to worldwide customers. The users are advised to take a backup of data on iCloud before handing over faulty device to an Apple store.

It is to be noted that the free repair program wouldn’t cover any physical damage. If your device has suffered any sort of damage, like a cracked screen or any other, which needs to be addressed first then Apple might ask for charges to repair that extra issue.

The program will stay valid for a period of two years after the purchase of the unit. However, the program doesn’t extend the warranty of those devices. Apple may put restrictions on the repair program. It may ask users to get the product repaired in only that country where it has been purchased.

The noteworthy point here is, this free repair or replacement chance is available to only those iPad Air models that have been produced from March 2019 to October 2019. This means none another model can get the benefit of this free repair program.

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