A Quiet Place 2 Postponed release date confirmed

A Quiet Place is a horror-thriller movie of a world attacked by some creatures that are ultra-sensitive hearing sense. Those creatures are swift and are on a manhunt to kill every person that makes even slightest of any noise. While part 1 was a huge success, A Quite Place Part II is also on its way to be released.

A Quiet Place Part II Story:

a quiet place part 2

A Quiet Place begins in the time of an apocalypse – when the world is taken over by the creatures. A family of a Husband, a Pregnant Wife and their children set a journey to survive, but they can’t talk. Lucky for them, their daughter is hearing impaired, so they know sign language. And this helps in their course of the whole journey.

This above passage wraps up about Part 1, and A Quiet Place Part 2 begins with the actual story of what happened before. It is about how the creatures got there in the first place. And then, fast forward to where we left in the prequel. As the Abbott family knows a weak spot in those creatures, they tend to help the surviving humans. Will they be successful? Will they even survive? A Quite Place Part 2 covers all your questions.

A Quiet Place Part 2 Release Date:

A Quiet Place 2 was planned to release on 8th March 2020. But, it was postponed keeping Coronavirus in mind. Now, it is said to release on September 4. It might change according to situations as well. As we know, Part 1 is available on Netflix, and we might expect a digital release for A Quiet Place Part II, like many other movies as well. This still remains more of an expectation as the makers do not confirm it, yet, most of the comments on the trailer ask for the same. We will let you know if this happens, so stay tuned with us!

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