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5 Reasons Technology is Beneficial For Healthcare

The discovery of technology is one of the best things that happened to the human race. So many areas of our life have felt the impact of technology, which has been bparticularly beneficial to the health sector. From the discovery of X-ray machines to various advancements in medical practice, especially surgery has paved the way for healthier living with better life expectancy.

As humans progress into the 21st century, more discoveries in technologies bring about a complete overhaul of the medical sector. Almost every healthcare sector has been impacted positively by technology like registration of patients, monitoring of data, and self-care accessories.

With technology, even our smartphones and tablets have replaced conventional recording and monitoring systems. As a result, people can now have a full consultation in the comfort of their homes. In addition, advancements in technology have removed the need to be within the four walls of a hospital before getting treatment.

This article further explores five ways technology has proven immensely beneficial to the healthcare sector.

1.   Reduced Operational Costs

Healthcare institutions can better utilize and allocate resources to save money, time, energy, and resources with information technology like back link outreach service. This finds application in the utilization of comprehensive data that has to do with the specific requirements of admitted patients and checking it against data from staff like availability and skills. With this, it is possible to fix the best and most appropriate medical personnel to take care of the patient. 

Technology also gives staff the ability to better manage their supplies, inventories, equipment, and other accessories. In addition, it makes it possible to monitor, track and update essential supplies from time to time. According to the Certification Commission for Health Information Technology, 50% of the finances of the health sector are wasted yearly because of system inefficiency. Therefore, the report concluded that there is the potential for saving millions by switching to health information technology.

2.   Better Equipment, Treatment, and Medicine

Improved healthcare is undoubtedly one of the most significant benefits of technology on health. With improved equipment, doctors can offer pretty comprehensive care. In addition, long-term and chronic disease victims now have hope of increased life expectancy thanks to better treatment options.

Improved medical care has also significantly reduced the mortality rate of some previous life-threatening illnesses. Medical researchers around the world can connect and conduct research better. Also, many previous medical mysteries have been unraveled with improved procedures, especially in surgeries. There is a massive talent of medical personnel with diverse specialties, all working towards delivering better healthcare.

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3.   Telehealth and Telemedicine

Telemedicine is a principle of healthcare advancement hinged on telecommunications. The acceptability for telehealth and telemedicine is high due to many reasons.

For instance, in rural areas, where there are limited healthcare facilities and personnel, it is possible to meet a doctor virtually using a PC. Also, telehealth saves costs. For example, a report from the Alliance for Connected Care study reveals that patients can save up to $100 for every doctor’s visit from telehealth.

According to a report from CHEST journal, patients in a telehealth-enabled ICU facility had a 26% lower death rate and a 20% faster discharge rate compared to normal ICUs.

4.   Remote Monitoring Tools

The number of patients using a home monitoring system has increased drastically. Employing this strategy for patient’s health can reduce costs and reduce hospital trips. The remote monitoring accessories give healthcare practitioners permission to keep a tab on the user’s health and contact them should there be an issue. Even though it seems invasive, it is ideal for people with chronic health issues.

5.   Improved Medication for Reconciliation

Electronic Health Records is an electronic reconciliation tool that offers a way to create and operate a viable medication list. This list is available to every allowed medical personnel and can be accessed and updated at every critical stage of the patient’s journey. Unfortunately, this was the first generation platform, which didn’t account for medications from outside the network. Also, the accuracy was hinged on the patient’s memory or their ability to supply a bag of pills.

There is improved and better technology with maximum accuracy and better coverage like Maas360 from Curator. This technology brings together drug pickups, change in dosage and makes it available visually. The platform is not hinged on data from Electronic Health Records, the patient’s ability to recall, or the presence of the prescriber in the system. Instead, such technology gathers data from the pharmacy, including actual pickup dates, changes in dosages, and unfulfilled refills.

The ability of technology to bring about an accurate, vivid patient’s medication such as this reduces adverse drug events, encouraging adherence.


Technology brought a significant change and improvement to our lifestyle. The healthcare system has experienced a significant turnaround with modern technology.

This article sheds light on five solid ways the health sector has experienced a turnaround from improved technology.

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