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Is it safe to update to iOS 16 to fix battery drain and overheating issues?

Apple released a stable version of iOS 16 for eligible models including iPhone 8 and above on the 13th of September. It was followed immediately by an iOS 16.1 beta for developers on 15th September. It has been a few months since dev and beta versions of iOS 16 have been rolled out before releasing a stable one. It is natural that issues have started getting reported in 23 of the iOS 16 supported devices after the update.

Initially, the iOS 16 bugs reported are around missing wallpapers, excessive battery drain and battery percentage not showing up in a status bar, touchscreen not responding or lagging, all installed iOS wallpapers found to be missing after update, and data connectivity issues to name a few. These are the initial reports and as the new OS settles down with the resources, one will find iOS 16 issues coming down.

However, there is one issue that is troubling many and is commonly reported. It is iOS 16 battery drain at an abnormal pace on iPhone 8 and above models. It’s too early to comment but the possibility of an improvement in battery life can be expected as iOS 16 gets stable.

What is iOS 16 battery drain bug?

Users of models like the iPhone 11 series, iPhone 12 series, and iPhone 13 series are commonly reporting excessive battery drain after installing iOS 16 update. In comparison to the last stable iOS 15, battery drain in iOS 16 is relatively abnormal for many.

Is it safe to update to iOS 16 to fix battery drain and overheating issues?

For some, the battery drain is massive with the iPhone needing to charge at least twice a day. Some users are complaining of 20% battery drain in an hour while some users have found battery drain at the rate of 1%/ couple of minutes. Home & Lock Screen are found to be taking up almost 20% The issue of iOS 16 battery drain is reported by new iPhone users that suggests that the device is not an issue.

However, the issue of iOS 16 battery drain is not observed by a few users. The update has been almost equal to or even better than iOS 15 with 90% plus health observed. Battery life has been amazing after updating to iOS 16 with the battery still at 97% after rigorous usage of 2 hours. Such a section of iPhone users is finding an improvement in battery health instead.

However, there are a few more related issues popping up.

Some are even reporting overheating after installing the iOS 16 update

Few reports are seen on issues with charging.

What is the reason behind the iOS 16 battery drain?

The issue of battery drain after a major update rollout is now not considered to be a bug now. It’s a normal occurrence at least on the first few days of the update. It is not restricted to iOS updates. One encounters battery sipping through behavior even on platforms like Android, Mac, and Windows during the initial days of installation.

Even Apple Support has said that “It’s normal for your apps and features to need to adjust up to 48 hours after an update.

The reason behind the unusual OS 16 battery drain is attributed to the reindexing and cache creation is happening in the background with a lot of data. These reindexes are happening on lot many apps and data. It has been practically found that the battery statistics return to normal or even get better after a couple of days.

The process takes a couple of days to recalibrate the usage data with respect to assigning priority to apps.

After installing a big OS update, it usually happens that the usage data collected by the system is cleared. So, you may need a few days for your device to re-learn which apps usage pattern.

The issue of battery drain has been reported with the RC (Release Candidate) version of iOS 16 as well. However, Apple seems to have ignored it and passed it on to the stable version.

The next iOS 16.1 beta for devs has also been released, but it doesn’t mention the release of a fix for the iOS 16 battery drain issue. There is hope that Apple will attend to the critical issue and release an update in the future with its fix.

How To Fix iPhone Battery Drain Issue after iOS 16 update?

A feasible explanation for battery drain is the phone trying to get acclimatized to the optimizations that an update brings with it. If you encounter a battery drain issue, the following are a few tips to give a try. Most of the tricks are known to many.

  • Restart iPhone – It is always advised to restart the phone before opting for any radical approach.
  • Disable Lock Screen Wallpapers – Users are reporting the new iOS 16 lock screen Live Wallpapers with widgets as one of the reasons behind abnormal battery drain.
  • Apps – Disable unnecessary power consuming third-party apps running in the background. Cross-check the battery health against these apps. Identify the not to be used apps which are eating away the resources. Delete them!
  • Autom download of apps – Another feature that saps power is the auto-download of Apps and App updates. This should be taken off. Few more tricks that can help in keeping the battery healthy are disabling features like – auto-play videos, opting for low power mode, and optimize the phone and its storage. The last one can be done via Settings app -> General -> iPhone Storage

There are few tips that can extend the battery life till a permanent solution comes from Apple. One is background App Refresh which eats away a chunk of battery. Disable it from Settings -> General -> Background App Refresh.

Another feature that you can deactivate if not using actively – Location Services. Head straight to Settings app -> Privacy -> Location Services and switch it off.

You can also make certain changes to your iPhone to extend the battery life. These changes include disabling auto-brightness, disabling background app refresh, and turning off location services. Another auto feature that is enabled is the automatic download/install of iOS updates. It also contributes to the iPhone battery drain. Turn off from the location – Settings app -> General -> Software Update -> Automatic Updates.

These tips and tricks to fix battery drain work on both iPhone and Android as they are platform-independent and focus more on the root cause. Though Apple has neither commented nor acknowledged the iOS 16 battery drain issue. But one can expect an improvements in battery life, fix to sluggish performance on older iPhones, stability in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity getting fixed in coming days.

Do share with Phoneswiki’s team your experiences and what you are looking forward to from the iOS 16 update and do not forget to drop in note about your experience with the latest version iOS 16.

Is it safe to update to iOS 16 to fix battery drain and overheating issues?
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