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iOS 15 beta 2 solves battery drain and overheating issues

Apple had announced that it’ll soon be putting out the iOS 15 betas very soon. Well, it’s here. Apple has finally put out the iOS 15 beta 2. On 24th June, it was rolled out for testers along with a bunch of other updates such as iPadOS 15 beta 2, tvOS 15 beta 2, and watchOS 8 beta 2.

Users had a bunch of complaints regarding the iOS 15 beta 1. They were majorly around stability issues, battery drain, overheating and performance issues, etc. Beta 2 is rolled out to fix many of the troubling bugs and more.

Let us have a look at what people have to say about iOS 15 Beta 2 fixes!

iOS 15 Beta 2 update fixes Battery Life

It has been 3-4 days since the iOS 15 Beta 2 has been installed and reports are in. Many users are saying that it fixes a lot of bugs that were there in iOS 15 beta 1. A major issue that the beta 2 build has resolved is faster battery drain.

Compared with Beta1, the battery life and heating of the mobile phone have been greatly improved.

With beta 1, lots of people had complaints that the iPhone battery drain was abnormal. It seems that Apple listened to their complaints. Beta 2 seems to have optimized battery usage and with it, your iPhone will now have a longer life.

The other prominent bug that has been fixed in iOS 15 beta 1 overheating issue. It is cumbersome when the iPhone has to be carried in the pocket. Beta 2 has been found to be much more stable and one need not carry a charger all day even with heavy use.

iOS 15 Beta 2 Bug Fixes

The latest beta rollout for devs has tackled stability improvements and all the other performance changes from the 1st beta. It has aimed at fixing the modem firmware issues, 5g connectivity issues apart from others.

Apart from this, beta 2 also has a bit of an animation shift in the Apple Maps app. The new update brings newer settings in the Focus option for your home screen. Earlier the Focus setting didn’t have that many options. Thankfully it has now been rectified.

The latest beta rollout has an updated UI for the weather app and fixes for tons of other small issues too. Issues related to facetime, widgets, app library, etc. According to Apple, beta 2 has over 70 resolved issues. But as with every major software release, there are a bunch of known issues, a total of 60. The iOS 15 release date is set for September 2021.

Do share with us your experiences and what you are looking forward to from the iOS 15 update.


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