COD Mobile Season 6 Leaks, Release Date, Themes, Weapons, Zombies, Maps & More


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COD Mobile Season 6 is still pretty far from its release. But the players have already started anticipating what the future holds for them. There are a lot of speculations around season 6. With new guns, skins, modes, gameplays, and whatnot, COD Mobile Season 6 is going to be epic. 

Activision released COD Mobile Season 5 on June 28th and the response has been great. Season 5, known as Deep Water, got a lot of interesting things along with the new map, Suldal Harbor. The new map has new items like shipping crates, narrow alleyways, and close-quarter interiors.

Apart from the new map, season 5 also gave us new weapons such as the CR-56 AMAX functional weapon, kilo-bolt-action warship, etc. Deep Water, as the name suggests, also has a new Ocean-ready operator, Blueprints, calling cards, CoD points, and more. 

Now Activision is gearing up to release COD Mobile Season 6. Although, not much is made public about season 6, there are a few leaks that have surfaced. Let’s learn more about them.  

COD Mobile Season 6 Release Date-

COD Mobile usually gets a new season every 32 days. So since Call of Duty Mobile Season 5 was out on June 28, we can expect Season 6 to come out between 1-4 August, probably on Monday, 2nd August.

This information is important to many players because the Battle Pass of COD only lasts for one season. So players have to buy a new Battle Pass for every season. Therefore knowing when the next season will come out help them max out their Battle Pass. 

Hence, if everything goes according to the plan, the COD Mobile Season 6 will be out in the first week of August.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 6 Size

We are still 11 days away from the release and a bit early to comment on the download size. Irrespective of planned content, the download size should be at least around 2 GB, for both Android and iOS devices. This is on the basis of past updates. Ensure you have sufficient disk space before you start the download.

COD Mobile Season 6 Leaks, Features

Since season 6 is a whole month away from its release, nothing much is known. There are, however, minute leaks that we have got our hands on. It includes a peek into new themes, characters, modes, etc. Let’s learn about them one at a time.

Game Mode

The zombies’ map, Shi No Numa was planned to make a comeback in the Chinese version of the gameplay and sometime later in the global version. Activision had confirmed some time ago. The Zombies’ maps had already made their way into Chinese Beta.

It is a short teaser video shared recently by Activision hinting at zombies returning to Call of Duty Mobile.

One can make out Sakura from the Battle Royale Isolated map, making us speculate whether it will be an altered map or a zombies mode on the map?

Wild West Themes-

COD Mobile season 6 will have a wild west theme fashioned after the american cowboy films.

Early leaks suggest that COD season 6 will have a Wild West Themes. This theme will have the whole American cowboy outlook that we have seen in countless films. It includes a bunch of cool outfits, hats, skins, etc. for your character. 

New Weapons And Weapon Skins-

In the latest tweet, 2 new weapons have been confirmed. Check it out below. One is the submachine gun MX9 and the other is the sniper rifle, Rytec AMR. Both these weapons are confirmed and will add to the existing inventory. Rytec AMR is a semi-automatic sniper rifle of .50 calibre designed for one shot kills.

Season 6 leaks on weapons also confirm that there will be powerful and exciting new weapons and skins such as the LK-24 Skin. LK-24 is one of the most popular and powerful guns in the game. Apart from this, there’ll be an outlaw sniper and a beautiful and exclusive Tier 50 Battle Pass gun- MSMC. The new season will also have some exclusive skin for top scorers such as the Fighter Skin and Bengal skin for AK 117.

New Operator Skill-

Operator skills are basically chargeable weapons or powers that players can use mid-battles. These skills can help a player kill more than two-three players at a time. We have news that Season 6 will have a new and exciting operator skill. Nothing much is known except that it’ll be hella powerful. 

New Characters-

New characters are always the highlight of a brand new season. Season 6 too has a bunch of new characters in its lap. There’s The distraction, Recon Samurai, Seraph Goth Cowboy, Nomad Druid, and SEAL Soldier. There are two more exclusive characters that Season 6 will bring; Sultana and Ghost. Both these characters will most probably be part of bundles. 

New Kill Confirmed Mode-

Season 6 will introduce a kill confirm mode wherein players will have to not only kill a player but also collect their badges to confirm the kill. Not doing so will probably give you fewer points. This is yet another big change that season 6 will bring.

New Maps-

As with every season, there’ll be a new map. A new teaser is out related to the map and has an uncanny resemblance to the popular map of Slums that came in Black Ops 2.

A monastery map has been found in the Chinese beta version of COD mobile. It might exist only in the Chinese version of the game.

There is also a possibility of the Nuketown map return to the game. The devs had confirmed it but it was not sure in which Release version of the game it will happen.

Few leakers have pointed out a map that is very rusty as compared to other maps. They called it a Rusty+Saloon map but we think it’s a working name. Let’s see. 

New Poltergeist Class in Battle Royale-

COD has different levels of classes in Battle Royale. Players get access to a new class only after completing a new challenge. Season 6 will introduce a new Poltergeist Class. It will have cool gadgets and outfits along with a new operator skill.

New Treasure Map Quest (Battle Royale)-

Season 6 will have a mini treasure map in the Battle Royale Mode. To access the map, players will have to shoot down gold-plated barrels scattered throughout the map. Only a few of these barrels will have the Treasure Map. Once you find the treasure map, it’ll get added to your main map. This treasure mini-map will automatically indicate where you’ll find exclusive items and goodies.

COD Mobile Season 6 will be the most exciting season of the game. Rumours suggest that it will also have a new Zombie mode. But we’ll have to wait and see whether it’s true or not. We’ll keep updating more information as soon as it gets available.


  1. I am the player of call of duty mobile I am excited to see new season of call of duty mobile season 6 I am excited 😊😌😑

  2. I love this game! I have been waiting for the entrance of the new season for so long. And as soon as he entered, I immediately bought it! The best weapon for the cowboys on the right is, don’t you agree?


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