Ways to Find the Best Online Gaming Discounts & Bonuses


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Online gaming is an exciting albeit potentially expensive hobby. It doesn’t matter what sort of games you play. If you’re a video game fanatic, chances are you have an expensive rig with lots of games that cost you money to buy.

If you play casino games, then you probably have a weekly or monthly budget. Either way, there are ways you can lower your online gaming budget. In this article, we’ll delve into ways to find gaming discounts and bonuses. Let’s dive right in.

Play Free to Play Games

The basic purpose of online games is to help you have fun. In that case, you don’t need to spend a lot of fun playing your favourite titles. Numerous top-rated games come cost-free.

Sometimes developers also allow you to play some of their top titles free of charge temporarily. Epic Games is a great example. From time to time, it avails Hitman, Grand Theft Auto and Star Wars Battlefront II free of charge.

In the casino space, most video slots come with a free demo mode. This allows you to get a feel for a game like Starburst before you spend real money on it. If you have no intentions to spend real cash on slots and poker, you can always install a free-to-play casino app. Games on these applications are played for fun only.

Grab No Deposit Bonuses

The cheapest way to play online games like slots and poker is through no deposit bonuses. There’s no price to pay except for creating an account and claiming your freebies. You might not receive huge bonuses.

But the $10 or 20 free spins you receive to play a popular slot are worth real money. So, you could spend your small bonus and turn it into $50 or $100. While at it, ensure the terms for withdrawing your bonus winnings are friendly.

For example, the wagering requirements should be manageable. For the uninitiated, wager terms dictate the amounts of real money you must spend before you can withdraw your bonus profits.

Make a Deposit for a 100% Bonus

No deposit bonuses almost always come in small amounts. But guess what? Deposit-based bonuses are huge and plentiful. If you want to earn the biggest gaming discount a website gives out, therefore, consider making a deposit.

Usually, the best casinos match your first deposit 100% for a maximum of $100 or $200. Choose one of the casinos listed on this site, if you’re looking for the best casino bonus Canada. The companies are top-rated, meaning you can expect an overall great experience.

Although deposit bonuses are generally big in size, not all of them are worth it. That’s because the companies that give out these rewards have terms and conditions you must fulfil. Think of wagering requirements, game weighting, and validity periods.

As we mentioned, wagering terms dictate the amount of real money you must spend at a casino. Logically, choose bonuses with a small number of wager terms. The validity period shows you the time you have to use up a bonus or to fulfil wager requirements.  Game weighting guides you on the games to play to fulfil wager terms.

Find a Cashback Program

Cashback programs are pretty common in the iGaming space. Yet, not everyone takes advantage of these deals. Basically, you receive a refund every time you lose money at slots and table games. Depending on the casino, your cashback could be worth 10%, 20% or 50% per week.

Let’s say you spend $200 at an online casino and lose half of your money. The website has a 20% cashback program. That means you’ll receive $20 (20% of $100) as a cashback. The best part is that this money has no terms and conditions. You can withdraw it or spend it on more games.

That said, cashback programs aren’t created equal. Choose a program that can help you maximize your returns. If you can find a cashback with a 50% return; that’s a great deal. However, even a 5% cashback offer is great for as long as it has zero wagering requirements.

Join a Loyalty Program

Loyalty programs are reward systems designed to give rewards to loyal gamers. In the video game scene, a loyalty program will usually attract free skins, game passes and free games. In the casino industry, loyalty programs feature bonuses and betting credits.

Joining a loyalty program is surprisingly straightforward. Read a company’s entry requirements. Maybe you only need to make one deposit to get started. Maybe it’s an invite-only setup.

Either way, the most important thing with choosing loyalty programs is to learn about the freebies in store. There’s no need to join a program that’s mean with bonuses. Choose a company that rewards your efforts generously.

For example, a good program will give you a loyalty point for every $10 you spend on their games. After you accrue 100 points, then you can redeem them into a $10 cash prize or bonus.

Additionally, great loyalty programs have exclusive deals for VIP players. They might allow high rollers to withdraw money faster than everyone else. Or they could provide an account manager to give these valuable customers better bonus deals.

Quests, Missions and Competitions

One of the newest ways for rewarding players involves competitions and individual assignments. At casinos, logging into your account once a day attracts free spins to play slots. On eSports games, you could receive virtual coins and weapons for winning competitions.

Gaming companies run competitions to increase engagement among players. Engagement leads to more time spent on games. And in turn, it leads to more profits for the companies. Owing to that backdrop, no one takes a loss for these rewards.

Look for websites with loads of competition. That way, you’ll have a way to earn rewards daily. It might not be a lot of money. But receiving free spins every day can add up quickly. For competitions, winning tournaments can help you win thousands of dollars in the long run. 

Elizabeth Baldridge
Elizabeth Baldridge
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