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Call Of Duty: Mobile, Chinese version, gets major animation overhaul!

The Chinese version of Call of Duty Mobile is receiving a complete animation modernization. A video circulated on the official CODM Reddit account has left players around the globe fuming. One can see an overhaul of the animation features. The significant enhancement that catches the eye is in the area of “reload enhancements” in the China version. Though the fans went gaga over the new animations, especially the ASM-10 reload animation, however, the community felt cheated.

Source: Bilibili

The uproar was more due to the fact the CODM animations are limited to the China region only. The devs have the history to never involve the global community in beta testing of new features. The Reddit community forum of CODM is bursting at its seams and fuming over the logic of why always first China. “It’s been a year for us and yet no full reload animations.”

They are complaining about a feature which should have existed from the very beginning. But it now exists in another version of exactly the game everyone plays.

There are a couple of reasons which can be attributed to giving preferential treatment to China over others. The first one is before a global rollout, devs usually go for a beta test of the new animations in a selective region having good strength of CODM players. Maybe, they find China which ticks most of their criteria.

Another probable reason is that Cod mobile is published by Activision and Garena for Android and iOS. But it’s actually developed by TiMi studios. Tencent based out of China owns TiMi studios. Maybe, that probably explains why they always release first in China with the Chinese version acting as testing grounds.

It has to be kept in mind that in addition to the full reload animation, reload canceling wouldn’t exist anymore. However, the tactical reload will come to the rescue. It would be on similar lines when the magazine isn’t empty and you reload. The character should not throw it away and should keep it (just like in MW/Warzone). In other words, when the ammo count in the magazine is greater than 0, reload animation will be similar to the current one already provisioned. The tactical reload won’t slow down the gameplay.

In the meantime, Call of Duty Mobile Season 11, brand new Battle Royale Map Alcatraz has been released by the devs today. New footage of the same can be seen on the official Twitter and Youtube accounts of Call of Duty Mobile. It comes from Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and will be playable for the entire season. Alcatraz map will be the second Battle Royale map since its launch. It came on 2nd April 2019 on PlayStation 4, and 9th April on Xbox One and PC.

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