1 Penny deals at Dollar General goes viral on TikTok


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Penny deals at Dollar General is a practice where shoppers look for items in the store that have been marked down to just one cent. These items are often discontinued, damaged, or past their sell-by date. The way to identify these penny deals is by looking for a green dot on the price tag. If an item has this green dot, it means it’s supposed to be removed from the shelves and sold for just one cent.

Shoppers who are familiar with this practice can sometimes find a variety of items for just a penny each. The TikToker @supersimplesaver used the “penny shopping” strategy at Dollar General to get a variety of items for just one cent each. She has an impressive skill for finding great deals and has demonstrated saving money through budgeting and couponing.

The TikToker @supersimplesaver has gained a large fan following by sharing content focused on budgeting and couponing. With 94.5K followers, she is known for sharing money-saving tips and tricks, particularly focusing on penny deals and shopping hauls. In one video, @supersimplesaver takes viewers along on a trip to Dollar General, where a shopper purchases multiple items for just 1 penny each. Another video demonstrates @supersimplesaver’s ability to acquire over $85 worth of items for free hitting the right chords of the viewers and garnering 3 million views.

The content creator TikToker @supersimplesaver demonstrated how to take advantage of Dollar General’s penny shopping policy. She started by loading the cart with various items. It comprised 7 bottles of Accent flavoring, 11 containers of dry spaghetti noodles, 5 boxes of Bumble Bee Buffalo Style Chicken Salad, 3 cans of Sweet Sue Chicken & Dumplings, 10 packets of Clover Valley Hot Chili Seasoning Mix, and 2 packets of candy. She also topped up with non-food items like a coloring book, a notebook, 8 packs of crayons, and four 12-packs of 5-Hour Energy shots.

On self-checkout, each item got scanned for just one penny, despite the large quantity. The total bill at checkout amounted to just one penny per item. The video ended with the content creator showing the receipt, confirming that every item had indeed rung up for just one penny.

However, not all Dollar General stores allow penny shopping, and even among those that do, there may be restrictions or limitations.

As for Dollar Tree, the company has indicated that they are expanding their range of items priced above $1, but the majority of their products will continue to be priced at $1. This move is part of their strategy to offer a wider variety of products while still maintaining their core pricing model.

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