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Solo Leveling Chapter 159 Spoilers, Release Date, When and Where to Read – A battle against the Monarchs!

Solo Leveling Chapter 158 got released a week ago and has left every Manhwa fan at a nail-biting moment. The next Solo Leveling Chapter 159 will kickstart the battle against the Monarchs and the surfacing of the gate in Seoul has made everyone sit on the edge.

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Solo Leveling is a Korean Manhwa created by Chungong. The brilliant piece was originally a web novel series serialized in Kakao’s digital comics platform KakaoPage since 2016. It was later picked by D&C Comics for preservation. After the end of Solo Leveling Season 1 in 2019, it got renewed to another season 2 in 2020.

Solo Leveling manhwa English Version has been licensed by Webnovel under the title ‘Only I Level Up’. 3 volumes have come out. The popularity of the series is such that it is receiving a video game as well as a potential drama adaptation.

There has been increasing demand from the fans for Solo Leveling anime adaptation. There are talks going on but very little known is about the project till now. Petitions have been created online to boost the probability of an anime adaptation after the Tower of God Manhwa received an anime adaptation.

There are rumour mills ongoing about production getting kicked off at the beginning of 2021. But there is no official confirmation. On a positive note, even without official notifications, we’re probably not getting a Solo Leveling anime at least before 2022.

Solo Leveling Manhwa Trailer

Solo Leveling Chapter 159 Spoilers

Alert: Spoilers Ahead!

Sung Jinwoo was left at the face-off between him and the 3 Monarchs in Chapter 158. The Frost Monarch, The Beast Monarch and the Plague Monarch face off against the Shadow Monarch! Jinwoo’s shadow soldier Kaisel has also been unleashed. Jinwoo unleashes the Kamish Wrath Dagger after recognizing the Frost Monarch and in return, the latter brings golems into play.

In a 3 vs 1 battle, Jinwoo is left without any shadows. The Plague Monarch unleashes his army of parasites while Jinwoo decides to go solo, charging in at full speed. He is intercepted by the Beast Monarch who charges to attack him. The Shadow Monarch’s victory seems difficult with three powerful opponents ganged upon him. The outcome of this battle will only unfold in the upcoming chapters.

Solo Leveling Chapter 159 Release Date and Time

Solo Leveling Chapter 159 is scheduled for release at 12 AM KST, Thursday, 22 July 2021. For different time zones, the Chapter can be read on Wednesday, July 21st, 2021 depending on the geographical location.

The time for Solo Leveling Chapter 159 English version release will be

Central Time: 11-1 PM CDT, Wednesday, 22 July

Pacific Time: 9-11 AM PDT, Wednesday,22 July

Eastern Time: 12-2 PM EDT, Wednesday,22 July

Indian Time: 8:30 PM IST, Wednesday, 22 July

British Time: 4-6 PM BST, Wednesday, 22 July

Where can I read Solo Leveling Chapter 159 online?

Solo Leveling’s Mahwa English translation of chapters is available digitally on Tapas Media. The platform has only 146 chapters with a new chapter getting added every Monday. The latest chapters are made available digitally on Tappy Toon too.

If you are interested in the print version, The English version of Volume 1 can be ordered through Yen Press. Solo Leveling fans can also reach out to Kakao Page for the latest and updated news in Solo Leveling mahwa.

Let us know if Solo Leveling is in your top reads as well! We will keep you updated on the latest releases from your favourite reads and anime! Stay tuned!

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