Best Fake AirPods and Best Airpod Alternatives in 2024


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AirPods by Apple have become a revelation through their sleek design and compelling features. But since they are very expensive, a lot of people look for the best fake AirPods inspired by Apple’s AirPods design. A lot of companies make fake AirPods which are rip-offs of Apple’s products but work like a charm. These fake AirPods look real, have excellent bargains, and are highly affordable. Thus quite often you’ll find a lot of people looking for the best fake AirPods.

Even one can find the best fake Airpods listed on Amazon since they have become trendy products. But since Amazon, as a company doesn’t endorse plagiarised products, it removes these fake AirPods very often.

These fake AirPods are the best option if you don’t want to spend a fortune on Apple. You can even find fake AirPods pro at cheap rates. Since the demand for fake AirPods is soaring sky-high, countless companies claim to make the best fake AirPods. But it’s better to not believe their word and go by your research.

With AirPods 3 unveiled in 2022, one can save big on the next pair of wireless earbuds by visiting the curated list here. We have shortlisted the 5 best fake AirPods and AirPods pro that you can get at affordable, pocket-friendly prices.

But before we dive into the list, it’s important to point out that these products have been picked and rated according to their appearance. Thus the fake AirPods that look the same as Apple’s product appear high on the list and vice versa. Okay now, let’s dive straight into some of the best fake AirPods alternatives available in the market.

TaoTronics Sound Liberty 53

If you are looking for fake AirPods that looks and feels exactly like AirPods, TaoTronics Sound Liberty 53 is the best AirPods alternative out there. It has an amazing Bluetooth range along with huge battery life. But its biggest feature is its charging brick which is sleek and holds up to 50 hours of charging time.

These are the best fake AirPods under $50. Just keep in mind that these are fake AirPods so they won’t exactly feel like AirPods or have all their features. Upon testing, the TaoTronics does lack a polished feel and doesn’t run commands as smoothly as the original. But under $50 these are the best AirPods alternatives you’ll find.

Edifier GM6

If you are into gaming, these are the best gaming earphone knockoffs you’ll find. They provide users with long battery life, a sleek design, a powerful and yet light charging brick, and neon lights on the side. Since this AirPods alternative is mostly designed for gaming freaks, it has a well-designed sound profile.

They provide crisp sound and will make your gaming experience all the richer. Edifier GM6 is one of the best off brands AirPods and thus they are priced at $78. So if you are looking for the best fake AirPods on Amazon, you’ll find no better option than this one.


Aukey has made a name for high-quality cheap products and therefore offers one of the best AirPods alternatives you’ll find in the market. The EP-T21 comes in a sleek, matte design and offers good-quality sound. It has a wide Bluetooth range in place and is also water-resistant.

These best fake AirPods alternatives offer deep bass and a louder volume to listen to music while you are running or cycling, etc. They also have a respectable battery life, extending to 5 hours of playtime along with 20 hours of playtime on the charging case. These fake buds are valued at around $30. All in all the AUKEY EP-T21 is among the best fake AirPods you’ll find in the market.

Anker Soundcore Liberty Air

Liberty Air is among the pioneers of the best fake AirPods as it came out in 2019 itself. They could be considered as the ‘original’ fake AirPods in the market. Liberty Air has the best sound quality among all the other fake AirPods of this range which is the reason why we chose this.

In a way, they come closest to the original Apple AirPods. Apart from great, crisp sound, the Liberty Air also has ear tips which makes it convenient to wear them. It also has a battery life of 5 hours along with 20 hours of playtime with the charging case.

The Liberty Air is one of the best AirPods pro clones out there. It sounds exactly like the AirPods pro and also has the same battery life. The only drawback these fake AirPods have is a poor touchscreen which needs some effort. Apart from this, they are the best AirPods pro clones.

Letscom T19

Letscom T19 is a top contender for the best fake AirPods. They offer great, crisp sound along with Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) which is a rare feature in any AirPods alternative. So if you like to immerse yourself in your music, these fake AirPods are the best option for you. Apart from this they also have a huge battery life extending to 8-9 hours. Its charging case has a battery life of 20+ hours.

Apart from all this, what makes Letscom T19 stand out in this list of best fake AirPods is that they offer a 1-year warranty card. So you don’t have to worry about repairing them or losing them. The only major drawback of these AirPods alternatives is that their design is such that after 30-40 minutes you’ll start to feel a bit of pressure on your ears. Apart from this, the Letscom T19 is a great AirPods alternative at such a cheap price.

The Bottom Line

AirPods are very expensive so it’s understandable if you want to own a pair of fake AirPods that look the same and offer more or less the same features. However, it’s quite tricky to buy a pair of fake AirPods.

Firstly to decide which fake AirPods to get you’ll first have to make your priorities clear; whether you want a pair of fake AirPods that replicates its design from the original and looks the same or fake AirPods that nevertheless sound great. Once you have done that, you can take the help of this list to choose the best fake AirPods or AirPods alternative.


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