How to get a free Raid Pass, Outfits, and Pokeballs with Pokemon Go Promo Codes?


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Pokemon Go is a popular game played by millions of players worldwide. In fact, in 2020, the revenue generated from this game was the highest in comparison to other similar games. Playing this game is free and its shop contains items that help players to enhance their progress and achieve items through the slow grind. Even the developers offer you a chance to alleviate some grinds with free items by offering Pokemon Go promo codes.

If you want to take advantage of these promo codes and want to know about the promo codes for Pokemon Go, read this post. We’ve covered everything for you!

These latest codes will help you become the best Pokemon trainer. Hence, grab Pokemon Go Promo Codes right away!

What are Pokemon Go Promo Codes?

The promo codes by Pokemon are rewards provided by Niantic for celebrating particular events in-game. These rewards can be free potions, Poke balls, or any other thing.

Why should I go for Promo Codes Pokemon Go?

This is a wonderful game that allows players to get promotional vouchers. It provides something for free. These freebies are up-to-date and let you purchase free stuff. The only thing you need to remember is that they come with validity.

These codes are frequently updated by Niantic, even when not many people use them. This allows players to buy things such as accessories, clothing, raid passes, revives, potions, and other stuff. The codes are available for a limited duration, so you can take benefit of them.

All Pokemon Go Promo Codes

On this page, you will find the promo codes for legendary Pokemon. We provide the most updated Pokemon Go codes for the legendary game. You can acquire free coins with these promo codes. Hence, it is best to try these codes. Moreover, you can enjoy a more intriguing game with these codes. Hence, wait no more and try these promo codes for the legendary Pokemon game!


Amazon Prime members can enjoy exclusive in-game freebies this month through Prime Gaming. Access items like Incense and Lucky Egg by following the provided link.

If you’re not yet a member, click the link below to start a 30-day free trial, giving you sufficient time to claim these in-game rewards.

From where you can get Pokemon Promo codes?

If you want to get the Pokemon Go promo code today, you have to visit the right place. Niantic regularly launches new codes. These codes are related to different aspects like potions, accessories, outfits, raid passes, revives, and more.

If you find a promo code useful for the game, you can apply it and redeem it. These codes last for just a limited period. Hence, use those before they expire.

How can you get more Promo Codes in Pokemon Go?

Often, Niantic releases new Pokemon Go codes, but it is difficult to track them. The best way is to stay updated with Pokemon’s Go official Twitter and Facebook accounts. From these accounts, you can stay updated on giveaways. This guide will be updated daily.

Our website is uploaded with the latest Pokemon Go content. If you are a fan of the collector, make sure you check out Pokemon Go community day, events, and other guides.

Pokemon Go Daily boxes for free

In Pokémon Go, players receive a daily box of items at no extra cost. These boxes contain a variety of items, including Pokéballs and potions. Make sure to check the store regularly to discover the current offerings!

List of Pokemon Go Promo Codes Expired

You may have missed out on the opportunity to grab free items for this game through promo codes. But if you want to know what all promo codes for Pokemon Go have expired, you can have a glance.

Some of the codes belong to the list of Pokemon Go promo codes in 2023. Even if you try to redeem these codes on the website, you will not be able to do so.

Expired Pokemon Promo Codes

  • S76334522EHWZ
  • 6X4H9UCA8F7TT
  • E9K4SY77F5623
  • UWJ4PFY623R5X
  • 9FC4SN7K5DAJ6
  • 9FC4SN7K5DAJ6
  • UWJ4PFY623R5X
  • 6W2QRHMM9W2R9

How can you Redeem Pokemon Go Promo codes on iOS?

It is not possible to redeem Pokemon Go promo codes from the app on iOS devices. Rather, you require a Niantic Offer Redemption page.

You can log in anywhere using this page and into the trainer account on the site. Once the code is pasted, you get a quick response in the app to see if the items are received or not.

When you view the inventories, the items will appear in bubbles. Such bubbles show the current location of inventory in the bubbles. The codes are virtual items for the game, which can be used to buy items from the shop or to power up the Pokemon.

For redeeming the Pokemon Go code, make sure you download the game from the Google Play Store or App Store. Install the game and open and click on the Pokemon icon button in the bottom left corner.

You may choose, ‘Redeem codes.’ It will open up a new screen where you may enter the code, which was offered to you. In case, the code is not valid, you will see a message that indicates it is invalid.

For a valid code, you can click on the redeem option and a message confirming the same will appear on the screen.

How to redeem Pokemon Go Promo Codes on Android?

You can either follow the above-mentioned way to redeem codes in Pokemon Go or can follow the easiest way. Users can enter the Pokemon Go promo code for Android on their devices if they want. This is a simple and official method. In the Map View, click on the Pokeball button.

Next, you have to click the shop button, and the button mentioned at the screen’s bottom holds a text field. In this field, you need to enter the details and then click redeem. In other words, How do you unlock promo codes on Pokémon Go?

Also, if you want a new player to play the game, you can check the page for Pokemon Go friends and leave a code.

How do you enter Promo Codes through the Pokemon Go App on iOS and Android?

It is not easy to find the right platform where you can enter the promo codes. However, it is a simple process for iOS users. You have to visit the Pokemon Go app and open it. Then search the menu from the PokeBall icon and tap shop. Now, swipe to the bottom, and there you will see a space for entering the code and getting the items.

If this process does not work correctly on your phone, you have to redeem the code from a web browser.

How to enter Pokemon Go Promo Code through a Web Browser?

For iPhone users, redeeming these promo codes is not easy. They first have to visit the official website of Niantic Offer Redemption. This gives three options for logging in – Niantic kids, Facebook, or Google.

You have to use the same credentials as you would use for logging in to the Pokemon Go application. A new page will open that will showcase the items, which have been added to the inventory.

But you cannot log in using Pokemon Trainer Club. It means that those iPhone users who have the Pokemon Trainer Club details cannot redeem the codes.

The good thing is that you may link the Pokemon Go account with your Facebook and Google accounts. This way, the problem can be easily resolved. Don’t worry about losing your login details or getting hacked, as these options are supported with two-factor authentication for safety.

Final Words

Numerous online platforms guarantee you offer an updated Pokemon Go promo codes list but not all of them are genuine. Reddit is a trusted platform for providing these codes. The Pokemon Go promo codes on Reddit are genuine and the latest.

A lot of players are already using these codes and enjoy the amazing games. You will also find the most updated and latest Pokemon Go coupon codes for legendary Pokemon here and obtain free coins with these codes.

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