Apple’s Airpods Pro auto-switching feature is a big nightmare for end-users


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After the recent iOS 14 update, Apple users were looking forward to auto switching feature. However, they are facing connectivity issues arising out of the auto-switching feature in Airpods Pro. The users are not sure whether Apple designed it the way they are practically practicing it. The auto-switching bug has gained more traction because the frequency of video/audio conference calls has increased manifolds over the past year.

Fans have been left in the lurch over lack of clarity on the Airpods Pro auto-switching issue being defective hardware or malfunctioning software, but apparently, it’s standard. Even after 6 months, it is very unpolished and un-Apple. Fans across the globe are quite forlorn due to this new arising issue and have started missing their older gen of Airpods.

Let us look into the details of the nonsensical Airpods Pro auto-switching issue.

What is the AirPods auto-switching issue?

The issue was first reported on the Apple forum in September 2020 and users are still finding it difficult to auto-connect Airpods Pro with Apple devices. Even after upgrading to all the OTAs received in the past 6 months, the issue of AirPods auto-switching not working continues to stand out. In plain language, Airpods Pro is not automatically switching between devices. One has to establish a connection manually between an Apple device and Airpods Pro. The only way out to do is to disconnect them to reconnect them.

This is the situation I tried: I was listening to a podcast on my phone with the AirPods, but then wanted to use them to watch a film on my iPad. I closed the podcast app, put my phone down then picked up the iPad and started a film but the audio was playing on my iPad speakers and I had to manually choose the AirPods as an audio device like before the OS updates.


Users discovered that out of all the connected Apple devices, the disconnect issue was spotted when the user paused a video. After the user resumed watching Airpods Pro forgot to reconnect. It happened slyly taking the end-user by surprise. There are Apple Watch users also complaining about the horribly buggy experience with Airpods Pro. On using AirPods as an audio input device to Windows, users found the reconnect feature messed up.

The issue has again gained momentum with users from all regions outpouring on Reddit. A look at the nature of complaints suggests that MacBook is the root cause of the AirPods auto switching not working. The feature works seamlessly otherwise between Airpods Pro and iPhone. However, there are complaints with other devices as well.

Is there any solution from Apple?

With every OTA rollout, consumers hope Airpods not switching between devices bug may get resolved. However, Apple devs have yet not acknowledged it. Users are seen to be in talks with Apple support and many have gone to extent of replacement. However, the consumers continue to deal with it.

There are also rumors that the new Apple Silicone Mac can resolve this issue much easier than other MacBooks.

How to fix the AirPods Pro Auto-Switching issue?

In the absence of a permanent solution, users are trying to find a way around the issue. The workaround fixes the issue for some but others continue with their search. There are no credible instances where a solution has worked for all so far. However, there is no harm in trying.

One of the Reddit users talks about making a shortcut to toggle AirPods Pro between iPhone and iPad. The shortcut is a simple one-action command to set a playback destination to the AirPods Pro. Follow it up with a back tap on iPhone and to the Home Screen widget on the iPad. Another solution that worked was enabling two-factor authentication. However, there are no credible instances that this has worked so far.

If nothing works, it is always best to turn off auto switch functionality. For automatic switching off in a device, head straight to Settings. Locate Bluetooth while wearing AirPods in your ears. Tap the Info button next to your AirPods in the list of devices. Hit the option Connect to this iPhone/iPad. Tap onto When last connected to this iPhone/ iPad].

In short, it looks like this – Settings > Bluetooth > click the “i” next to the AirPods > change “Connect to this iPhone/iPad” from automatically to “when last connected”.

In order to turn on Bluetooth, you’ll just have to consciously connect AirPods again by tapping on Automatically. It won’t be unpaired, just tap the AirPods name again to connect.

If you are facing the Airpods Pro auto-switching issue and have been lucky enough to find a way to overcome it, do let us know in the comments below.

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