Leisure Time Then & Now: Trapped in the Mobile Universe in 2022


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How many times have you reached for your phone wanting only to check something, but ended up playing games or surfin’ the social networks for hours? Dozens of times, right? Well, like it or not, the times have changed: small screen devices replaced not only books but television as well. Here is a simple test: how do you feel when you forget your phone? The majority of people are having small panic attacks, not knowing what to do with themselves during the whole time they are not with their best pals – their smartphones. Don’t get us wrong, we are not being judgmental at all, we feel the same.

Why Do We Love Phones So Much?

The answer is simpler than one can imagine- they love us back. They provide us with everything we ask for: news, fresh pieces of information, interesting facts, loads, and loads of entertaining games, not to mention social networks. On top of all these good reasons, modern gadgets are small, fit in every pocket, and ask for less than an hour of spending electricity. They give so much and ask so little. 

The Guilty Pleasure

You may not be a fan of looking at your phone all day long, but still, you must admit that life without remote devices would be much more complicated. There is nothing wrong with following the new technology trends, especially those which will ease your everyday life. There are masses of useful apps which are helping us to slide through our day with stress levels at the minimum.

Unfortunately, every coin has two sides and so does the tech era. Tablets, phones, and all the other modern stuff can easily seduce us into living something unreal. We daydream about what we see on people’s social network profiles, without even questioning whether it’s REAL. Second, the majority of users are slowly forgetting what a healthy childhood stands for: playing in the mud for hours with a single ball, riding bikes with friends, and other things that make childhood so carefree. Instead of this, kids these days rather reach for their phones.

These are the dark sides of the mobile universe and the greatest differences between life before and after gadgets. But, if you play it smart, you can have it both- time for real and virtual life.

Gambling: Then and Now

We are particularly understanding, regarding this subject, and here is why. Gambling was a part of people’s lives ages ago. Games based on luck never lost popularity as a pastime activity, but just transformed to fit new ages. Firstly we played cards after we shifted to land-based machines, then we got computers and video games, and so on. Now, mobile gaming is in the lead. This is the golden era for online mobile casinos, live gaming, and loads of carefully crafted content, created to “kill” your free time in an amusing and potentially lucrative way. Just a few clicks away, on your remote device, a kingdom of entertainment is hidden, bursting with the most modern, engaging games, packed with features, and high winning possibilities. And, how to say no? Finally, why would one say no? The main thing here is to know your limits. These games are reserved for adults only, and as an adult, you must be responsible, right?

Our point…

Is the same for everything connected to the world of technology. Be responsible. Use the gadgets smartly; don’t let yourself be indrawn in the virtual world. Use technology and don’t let technology uses you. Oh, and don’t forget to go outside in the fresh air from time to time. We are joking. Kind of.  

Jennifer Wilson
Jennifer Wilson
She knows business processes and operations management inside out. As she understands all the challenges of running a small business firsthand, it’s her mission to tackle the topics that are most relevant to entrepreneurs and offer viable solutions.


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