The Best Smart Home Devices for 2022


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Smart home devices are taking prominence in India today and other parts of the world. The convenience and comfort they offer, among other benefits, make them popularly sought after in India. As a result, smart home gadgets are trending and will likely trend more as the world steps further into the future.

So, if you’re looking for the best smart home devices to buy for your home this year, we have curated a list for you. Below are some of the best exciting smart home devices you can get for your home in India.

1.     Echo Dot from Amazon

The Amazon Echo Dot may be the most exciting smart home device you can have in your home. It is a simple Bluetooth device with a powerful speaker; it is an IoT feature, meaning you can connect it to the internet. However, this device is more than just a speaker; it features Amazon’s Alexa, an AI you can ask to do simple tasks. For example, Alexa can do simple tasks like playing the radio, providing weather reports, setting a reminder, playing your favorite songs, etc.

2.     Vacuum Robot from Xiaomi

A Xiaomi Vacuum Robot has got you covered if you need a home cleaner. With a Xiaomi Vacuum Robot, you can keep your house clean – and it is cheap. The smart home device can scan your entire home for dirt and get rid of it without asking.

You only need to set the time, and the Vacuum Robot will automatically charge itself and clean your house. Imagine how easy life will be when you don’t have to do so much to keep your home clean.

3.     Smart DoorBell

Rather than making your visitors knock on your door and disturb the neighborhood, install a Smart Video DoorBell from Qubo. The device also functions as a security camera and features an easy installation process. Plus, you can talk back to the person at your door through the video; it features thirty-six tunes you can choose from.

The smart video doorbell device also features an alarm function and works well with Amazon Alexa. Do you have to keep up with appointments or meetings regularly but have not been able to meet up? Then, getting this smart doorbell can make all the difference for your home security like the Parimatch account verification feature does for bettors.

4.     Echo Show from Amazon

The Best Smart Home Devices for 2022

The Amazon Echo Show is a great buy if you want a big screen with a smart speaker. You can keep an Echo Show at your bedside as a smart home assistant; it’ll show you everything it is doing. It is also a great option for a gift if any of your loved ones are celebrating a special event anytime soon.

Keep Echo Show at your bedside, maybe put in some photographs, and have the ultimate digital photo frame always with you. It is best for personal use as much as it is when using it for events like a small birthday party organized in the home.

5.     Smart Bulb

With the rate at which technology is advancing, smart bulbs will soon become the future of lighting. Smart bulbs offer more than simple lighting from white LED; it offers different light colors for lighting your home. The best part about smart bulbs is that they can turn your home from white to green in only a few seconds.

Plus, smart bulbs offer an opportunity to save money from getting theater lights fixed in your false ceiling. They give you a clearer view of your home from a connected device. While in your room, you can know what is going on outside the room. It also repels any burglar my attack because no one wants to do something odd while the lights are on.

6.     Smart Locks

Smart locks are the better alternative to manual locks and keys; they have the best security features. Godrej is a good brand for smart locks, although there are dozens more you can get quality smart locks from in India. Smart locks are exciting smart home devices featuring different unlocking options, including thorough RFID, biometrics, passcode, and mechanical keys.

With the many options of smart locks on the market, you want to look for certified and trustworthy suppliers in India. You don’t have to worry about hackers and crackers or anyone who can damage locks breaking into your home when you have a smart lock installed. It picks unusual signals and immediately notifies you when something odd happens around your lock.


Smart home devices are the future, whether we welcome them or not; the sooner we welcome them, the better. You can get several smart home devices for your home in 2022, from smart locks to home theater and smart plugs. With the advent of smart home devices, doing menial tasks around the home has become easier.

With these devices installed, you can be at your office and know what is going on in the home. While at home, you can stress less and do more with the artificial intelligence feature of some of these devices.

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