The Benefits of Combining PDFs to Make Reports and Presentations


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Some people are accustomed to the use of PowerPoint Files in making reports and presentations, but some already delved into the use of merged PDFs instead. This is because the portable document format, or PDF, has been continuously developed to offer a wide range of features that are suitable for making reports. In line with this, below are some of the most common benefits of combining PDFs to make reports and presentations.

Multidimensional Report Capability

One of the primary advantages that you can reap with the use of merged PDF files for your reports and presentations is its multi-dimensional capability. This means that you will be able to embed images and videos into your presentation, apart from including the necessary text for a comprehensive report. As a result, with a single file, you already have the complete details of your report in a text format, as well as the images, infographics, as well as videos that will serve as your visual aids in your presentation.

If you intend to merge several files containing different content dimensions ranging from text, images, or videos, you can leverage various tools to create a single PDF file output. In this case, you can PDF online, which is Portuguese to join PDF files online. With online tools, you no longer have to install any app or software on your computer. All you need is to access the tool through your browser, upload the files you need to merge, wait for the process to complete, and finally download the resulting file that contains your report.

Independent Report Format

Another benefit that combined PDF files can do for your reports and presentations is that the format of the report you generate will be independent. This means that you will be able to open your report seamlessly, regardless of the device that you are using to access it. It is also not necessary for your report to be compatible with any operating system or software before you get the chance to open it and view its contents.

An independent report format also means that you can share your report and presentation to a multitude of users who are using different kinds of devices to open up the file, and the format of the file you have shared will remain the same. This will save you time in creating a report for a certain group of users leveraging a particular software, and another report in a format appropriate for another group using another type of software to open your presentation. Aside from being able to save your time and effort, you are sure that the visually appealing aspect of your presentation is maintained.

Tailor-Fit Presentation

Merging different files into a single PDF file is also beneficial when it comes to making reports and presentations because in this case, you will be able to tailor-fit your presentation to pique the interest of your audience. In this case, aside from being able to embed images and videos in your presentation, you can also add uniform resource locators or URLs, that will be able to direct you to a reference website to further emphasize your point to your audience.

You can also integrate your PDF presentation with animations to aid you in explaining the concept of your diagram to your audience. There is also the option for you to explore the use of other PDF interactive buttons and rollover effects to hide some of the details that your audience doesn’t need to see in your presentation, but needs to access in your report. All these are geared towards the creation of a tailored-fit report and presentation that will prove to be beneficial for you and your audience.

Easy Sharing of Reports

It is often the case that after your presentation, you need to share your material with your audience to serve as their reference. If you have an integrated PDF file that contains both your report and presentation, then sharing your material with your audience will be easier. In this case, you can either send the file as an email attachment or save it in a cloud server that they will be able to access, both ways only taking a couple of seconds to complete. Thus, this proves to be one of the many benefits of combining PDFs to make the reports and presentations that you need.

Effortless Report Management

There are instances wherein you are not the only reporter or presenter, but rather, you are presenting as a group. In this case, if you only need to modify a single file, then the report management will be made more effortless. This means that every member of your team only needs to have a single copy of the file that contains your report and presentation and they will automatically be updated about what they need to present.

Faster Report Printing

There are instances wherein a printed copy of your report will still be necessary. In this case, if you have a single file that already contains your report and presentation, printing your material will already be a breeze. This is because you only need to load a single file in your printer rather than selecting several pages from various files for printing. Thus, this will make it easier for you to prepare handouts too.

Secure Reports

Some reports are intended to be seen only by authorized users. This is where merged PDF files prove to be once again beneficial because you can encrypt your reports or presentations with a password that is only made available to the recipient of your file. You also have the option of granting read-only access, which means that even if your recipient gets to view the contents of your report, he or she will not be able to make any changes.

In conclusion, the benefits of combining PDFs to make reports and presentations as stated above are only some of the advantages that you can garner from the use of files merged in this format. There are other benefits of using merged PDF files, not only for reports and presentations but for other purposes too. The key is in exploring the capabilities of PDF files for you to maximize their usage and take advantage of its full potential.

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