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The Power of USB Extension Cables

The majority of devices that can make use of USB extension cables usually come with one already included, but many pre-packaged cables are often too short for use in a real work environment. However, USB extension cables can then be employed in order to make sure that the extra distance required, either for convenience or simple necessity, can actually be achieved. 

There are a number of advantages to using a USB extension cable that goes beyond just being able to reach it. 

Charging mobile devices

A feature that is completely unique to USB extension cables is being able to charge up mobile phones wherever there is a USB port, something for which there is no parallel cable equivalent.

That being said, a USB extension cable can be used to draw out electricity from the likes of a computer device, portable power bank or even the lighter socket in a motor vehicle, which makes it considerably more convenient than is the case with standard phone chargers. 

Faster transfer of data

Anyone who uses a computer knows how important it is to be able to transfer data as fast as possible and while many people make use of software to achieve this, many are unaware that the use of a USB extension cable can do the same thing. 

High-quality USB extension cables are able to carry about 12MB of information every second, much more than the 115kb of data carried every second by the very popular parallel cable. The difference in speed is enough that if transferring particularly large files, the use of a USB extension cable can actually save several hours. 


Parallel cables are so big and bulky that as connectors they are not suitable for the purposes of multitasking. Only one device can be connected when using a parallel cable, but multiple different USB extension cables can be connected to a device via a USB hub. The majority of USB hubs actually allow for the connection of over five devices simultaneously. 

A powered USB hub, which generates electricity via a nearby socket rather than the laptop, will allow for the connection of multiple devices without slowing down the laptop’s performance. 

Powering a number of devices

Many devices can draw electricity out of a laptop with the use of a USB extension cable. Anything, from small desk fans to a big office printer, can be connected to a computer via USB cables. 

This function is of particular use to techies, allowing them to use their USB extension cables to transform their laptops into an all-in-one portable workstation. 

Use of lightweight, smaller devices

Manufacturers are able to create significantly lighter or smaller laptops than others often because they come with USB ports rather than parallel cable ports. 

Lightweight and smaller devices are often specifically made for use with USB cables and drives, but those stuck with parallel cable ports can still get the benefits of buying a USB extension cable that comes with both a USB port and a parallel connector. 

USB extension cables are accessible, affordable, and versatile pieces of equipment that can increase efficiency anywhere. 

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