5 Tips to Get Wins in Call of Duty: Warzone


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Betting on yourself against more than a hundred players in a Battle Royale game and coming out as the victor is among the most adrenaline-filled experiences one can have. And just like every popular warfare game, Call of Duty: Warzone gives you sufficient reasons to get lost in its adrenaline rush with its ever-shrinking circle, a king-of-the-mountain style hunt, limited weapons and equipment, notorious drop spots, and loots. However, it’s never easy to be the last man standing in Warzone.

Although it helps if you have a background in PUBG or Fortnite, Warzone is an entirely different beast. It contains all the best aspects of those popular battle royale games and then comes with some more unique twists and spins.

So, if you’re just starting the Call of Duty: Warzone game or simply trying to improve, you’d need to wrap your head around a few tricks and RivalCheats to see yourself to the finish line in this epic battle. With that in mind, here are our top 5 hacks for Call of Duty: Warzone that will help you find your way through Verdansk.

1. Airkill & Drop

First and foremost, try to attain a quick touchdown by frequently deploying, cutting, and redeploying your chute. This will save you from players who open fire during parachute drops and help you find better equipment. You should also try to start killing your rivals while still in the air by cutting the parachute for a while during your descent.

Make sure you drop in a safe, less crowded spot without being flanked or tagged from a towering skyscraper. Superstores and Stadiums are generally more common drop points; hence, you should attempt to avoid these.

Landing in the right spot can set the groundwork for a potential victory. Use your map smartly to mark areas where it’s easier to take your preferred position after dropping.

2. Loadout

Secondly, earn sufficient money to get a good loadout. Although the opportunities for picking up cash are plenty in Call of Duty: Warzone, the load-outs are expensive, which implies you’ll likely need to complete a mission to get enough. In addition to hitting the loots, find and use the contracts (Bounty Hunter, Scavenger, Recon, Most wanted, Supply run, Kingslayer) effectively to raise more funds more promptly.

Remember to maintain take extra precautions while buying your loadouts from the Buy Stations as these places are hotspots for enemy activity. Loadouts are essential for they allow you to get your custom weapons and obtain your perks (Ghost, Coldblooded, or High Alert) which can be the decisive factor in the latter part of the game.

3. Gulag

Since this prison system gives you an essential lifeline for you & your teammates, you must take full advantage of it. Winning a one-on-one fight in there or spending some cash can guarantee your place back into the game.

So, the significance of having enough dough and distributing them among your mates is again stretched. If you load into the Gulag with your friend, ask them to tell you the enemies’ position for added advantage.

4. Ping

Ping as often as you can and mark the specific interest zones. Throughout each match, you should ping enemy locations, specific pieces of loot, plunders, weapons, special items, the building you’d like to enter, etc. Along with a regular and live ping, use the hybrid ping (double-tap) to indicate nearby dangers.

5. Final Circle

As soon as you’ve made it to the final circle, you should find your best vantage point first. Make sure that you’re rotating in a spiral motion instead of moving linearly while progressing from one zone to the next.

Now, get a sense of where your foes could be and try not to manoeuvre in an exposed manner. Use the gas mask, in case, you need to run through it to get to safety. When the circle is small, you don’t need to fight every team and waste your precious ammunition at once drawing unnecessary attention to yourself.

If two teams are battling it out, avert the prime fight and pick off other secondary threats. Be always aware of the movement of the circle. As it closes in, the only thing that matters is making it into the final, narrow point alive.

Since every team in Call of Duty: Warzone has different tactics and strengths, you must find yours to succeed in the battle royale. These 5 basic tips will get you going. A guaranteed victory is possible when you resort to RivalCheats and practice persistently with determination. Good luck!

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